Today I was going back through old vlogbrothers videos, and I found the video entitled 'GAY is NOT an INSULT.'



I enjoyed it (because it's JOHN), but I was wondering how others reacted to it, so I watched some video responses.

And I found one that made me throw up in my mouth a little.


Obviously, there's no debate about it. It's a horrible video, showcasing horrible people. But I was wondering who that yelling, faceless guy is, so I looked around, and I found out. (I won't mention his youtube username here, because I don't want it to seem like I'm trying to get everyone to go troll all over his account.)


He, obviously, hates nerdfighters. Because we're a 'cult'. But in this video, he did bring up an interesting point or two. And while I, personally, disagree with them, I was wondering what my fellow cult members think of it XD


*NOTE: I'm not encouraging you to go and insult him, or yell at him, or flame his videos. I just want your opinions. He replies to every comment, as far as I've seen, so if you do end up commenting, be prepared for a whole battle in which he says the same thing over and over.

And he does mention nerdfighters in most of his videos, if for whatever reason you want to fully understand his perspective.


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I really hate these type of people. Someone I know is like this to.
I've left some comments (because what I was saying took up more than one) on the second video but I won't comment on the first! That's just hate for the sake of it and asking for a reaction while the second one, although I do not agree with him, actually brought up some points instead of just spouting "blah blah gay blah blah die blah blah."
That video response made me sad, sick and agrivated. Honestly, I just couldn't stop myself from commenting. Plus, I managed to insult their idiotic asses without calling them gay, which is showing them you can insult someone without calling them gay/fag/faggot/homo/homosexual/les/lesbo/lesbian. Then they went on with how John told us the correct "pronounciation of you're" first he prounced pronunciation wrong and he was telling us how to use PROPER GRAMMER TO REFRAIN FROM LOOKING LIKE IDIOTS. Those two must've been drunk while watching and making that video response, seriously. They didn't make one valid point throughout the entire video, nor did they have reasons to back up their ideas.
I found the first video to be nothing short of pathetic, the second however raised some interesting points, one cannot help but notice the amount of power John and Hank wield through us.
I knew people were going to start acting like this sooner or later, when so many people identify as one thing, people get scared, it's like a white guy moving to nigeria and finding out what it feels like to be visibly in a minority. It can be a bit of a culture shock.

Interestingly enough, I was just looking up Anonymous before this. Anyone else notice the parallel?
I kind of want to flood his inbox with hateful messages, but I also want to turn him into one of us. The prior, however, seems more likely to happen.

My response to the first hater video:

LOL what a bunch of pathetic morons I bet they couldn't figure out how to rub two sticks together to make fire those idiotic trolls have no right to speak abut us when clearly there mother knew her brother far to well.

My response to the second hater video:

As a Nerdfighter I honestly don't know what your talking about I have never seen a Nerdfighter do something that wrong but I can tell you that YouTube backs there big money makers the ones that get them the most views blame them not Nerdfighters and as for dominating YouTube John and Hank are not alone there are tons of people who want to be the top dog on YouTube, want to be the best that's just human nature.

It's got to be, seriously, nobody above the age of 13 cares that much about the Internet. Nor do they speak like Angry Video Game Nerd imitators who have missed the point.
I wasn't able to watch the entire video. This is disturbing. Partly because he actually believes this and partly because this is the first time I've actually wanted to punch someone in the face. Not because he insulted John, but because he said gay people should die alone. That's the part that angered me the most. Be warned capslock may be coming. Alone? To die without the feeling of being loved? How would you feel if I took away all that loved you? No comfort to fall on. No pleasure. No interaction. Wouldn't be so good would it? YET THAT IS WHAT YOU SAY THEY DESERVE!! No human should be subject to that! Let alone that they can't help it. Let alone that it's just as much of a choice as the colour of your skin. You claim this because they are unequal, yet you provide no evidence that they are. Is it because they are unnatural? All but one species of animal has homosexuality in nature, the one that doesn't is bloody asexual! By Mjolnir I haven't gotten this upset over a video since I watched VenomFangX's "Jews deserved to die in the Holocaust" video.
I agree with everything in the third video there. Just sayin.


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