This is one of the games that we love in another website of mine.What you do:

For example, since I posted this, the first person to comment will say "Colin Mayer should be banned because..." and put a random, silly reason. Basically, 'the person above me should be banned because...'

Hope not to offend. Delete this thread if it is. I just saw all these forum games going on, and thought I might want to try starting one.

To start...

The nonexistant person above me should be banned because they obviously don't exist.

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Erm... I think a safer version of this game would be the "Think of A Reason to Fire the person above you" game.

And you should be banned... For inventing this game?
Clive should be banned for being unsure :D
Colin Mayer should be stabbed in the crotch and set on fire because... well, why the hell not?
Kenny should be banned for being vulgar and not understanding the game
Colin should be banned for being having a tight butt concerning vulgarity.
Very Normal should be banned for being too normal, and also for wearing a cute stuffed dog as a hat (which is not exactly what we should call normal).

Rhiannon should be banned because she doesn't know if she's a Teague or not.  Either you are or you aren't.  DNA testing will prove paternity.  Is that mean? I hope not.  If it is then I'll go with my second choice she should be banned for calling MATH MATHS.  Why is it plural in the UK?  Is it an imperial / metric thing?  You have two maths?

I think I knew you were British because we've crossed paths several times before around here.  But I will admit I was grasping for something interesting.  I gave up on the Corrupt a wish game because too many people just said "Granted but the planet blows up and you're dead".  Which gets un-nerd-worthy after about 500 times! 


I'm glad you got the May thing.  I put quite some thought into it and then vagued up my post to make it harder to figure out.  I almost updated it because I was afraid it was now too vague.


Thanks for the explanation about Maths.  No one has ever been able to explain that before, I work with some UK folks.  It makes perfect sense now.  Sadly my maths are not what I would like. Everyone thinks you have to be a maths whiz to program computers, but really all I ever do is add one to a counter. On an exciting day I get to subtract 1!   On my long term list of self improvement, I do plan to pick up the maths I never got in school.  I am very keen to actually master Calculus.  I was quite disappointed to only get a B in statistics in college, it was because I was learning two programming languages that semester.  And I didn't get everything out of Stats that I wanted.


You will probably appreciate my line I roll out periodically:  "People love to ask:  but when am I ever going to use algebra.  My response is: about as often as you are going to use basketball!"  FTW Nerdfighters!


Ali Miller is banned because she is trying to be controlling of people's fun like a dictator.

Kristina Lang should be banned for missing the 'e' in coffee. I think the coffee's done!
Rhiannon should get banned because I don't know who this wheezywaiter is, it makes me feel left out *sob* :'(


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