So, book titles, song titles, movie titles, anything that is TOTALLY HILARIOUS when "In my pants" is added to the end of them.
My personal favourite is "Ten Foot Cock and a Few Hundred Virgins" by Tim Minchin.
Some other good ones are "Amazing" by Alex Lloyd, "Bliss" by Muse, "Patricia the Stripper," by The Wombats.
What are your favourites? Or are there any that just don't work?

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Favorites from my bookshelf:
The Jungle
Noises Off!
Dead Man's Cell Phone
Edgar Allen Poe: Eight Tales of Terror

Favorites from my itunes:
Band of Horses - Is There a Ghost
Hot Hot Heat - Dirty Mouth
The Flaming Lips - What is the Light?
Carter Burwell (In Bruges soundtrack) - I didn't want to die

And I discovered you could fill a book of "in your pants" jokes with just Mates of State song titles:
Get Better
Think Long
So Many Ways
Nice Things That Look Good
I Have Space
Quit Doin' It
Seperate the People

Most confusing "in your pants" joke:
Radiohead - A Punchup at a Wedding (no no no no no no no no).

... in your pants?
these are awesome!
I love Alex Lloyd's We Were Never Meant To Fail.

I don;t know if it works with the " your pants" suffix.
Hahah yes, it does work. Believe in me, I just rolled on the floor.
Hahaha i love Bliss by Muse hahaa thats hilarious.
what about:
Great Expectations... in my pants
One More Go my pants (song by james taylor)
Time After my pants
and finally, Supertramp in my pants hahahah
These are just from my Itunes...

The Warmth in my pants
Little Sister in my pant
Only One Way in my pants
Not The Doctor in my pants
Believe There's Nothing in my pants
It's A Woman's World in my pants
Thatcher Fucked The Kids in my pants o.0
A Love Worth Keeping in my pants
The Real Damage in my pants
Heartless Bastard Montherfucker in my pants
Miss Take in my pants
Can't Finish What You Started in my pants
Go All The Way in my pants
Feel Good Time in my pants
City Girl in my pants
smashing, simply smashing!
Good old Jethro Tull have a few;

And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps in my pants.
Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow in my pants
A Small Cigar in my pants
Moths in my pants
Locomotive Breath in my pants
Fat Man in my pants
Sweet Dream in my pants
For a Thousand Mothers in my pants


You'd better believe it in my pants
The Song of the Swords in my pants
Standing at the Edge... OF my pants?
Upside Down in my pants (otherwise known as getting dressed FAIL!)
Welcome to the Future in my pants!
Levitation in my pants


Big Wheels in my pants

The Kinks:

Where Have All the Good Times Gone in my pants?
Another Fine Myth in my pants
The Woman Who Rides Like a Man in my pants
Death on the Lizard in my pants.
Death of a Salesman in my pants.
A Brief History of Time in my pants.
Things Fall my pants
In Praise of the Vulnerable my pants (by Alanis Morissette)
I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With my pants (by Black Kids)
Feelings my pants (by Colbie Caillet)
I'll Follow You Into The my pants (by Death Cab for Cutie)
What Would Captain Picard my pants (Oh my, I have absolutely no idea who this is by...)
A Story About A my pants (by Our Lady Peace)
I Hear my pants (by Tegan and Sara)
the rise of a my pants
the forging of a blade... in my pants
Brisingr... in my pants (if you get this points for you)
holes... in my pants
the crimson sword... in my pants
"What Katy Did" (In my pants) by Susan Coolidge
"Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie" (In my pants) by David Lubar
"Doing It" (In my pants) by Melvin Burgess
"To Kill a Mockingbird" (In my pants) by Harper Lee

Make no mistake though, these books are awesome.


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