Hi, I tried to find a discussion on the best "In Your Pants" jokes, but I couldn't find one. So I thought it would be jokes if everyone responded to this with their favorites. My favorites are Poroit Investigates in your pants (by Agatha Christie) and A Perfect Spy in your pants (by John le Carre).

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Black your pants
moby your pants
crime and your pants
maximum your pants
heather has two your pants
war and your pants
the funny thing your pants
the sound and the your pants
my your pants
a river runs through your pants
101 your pants
The color your pants
to kill a your pants
the soda your pants
the mystery of your pants
eat love your pants
an abundance of your pants your pants your pants
the road to your pants
maniac your pants your pants
sleeping your pants
Juny B. Jones has a your pants
My Side of the your pants your pants
A Women's guide to managing your pants
plumming for your pants
cake decorating for your pants
thanks to Foster and her dad for the amazing collaboration

You're so awesome. :D  

It's funnier as Let the Right One In to your pants
The Origin of Species... in your pants
Definitely the best xD
i am in love with this. i just took it out on a date and i let it order the lobster.
Looking for Alaska in your pants. (Those are some big pants)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in your pants. (Some mysteries are just better left unsolved)
The Hobbit in your pants. (Hobbits like to live in holes in the ground)
The Count of Monte Cristo in your pants. (It took him 40 years to escape)
Where The Wild Things Are in your pants. (Rawr)

The Sorcerers Stone in your pants. (Is that a stone in your pocket Harry, or are you just happy to see me?)
The Princess Bride in your pants. (Talk about a honeymoon)
Pitch Black in your pants. (Are you afraid of the dark?)
Tin Man in your pants. (Oil can?)

Heroes in your pants. (Save the cheerleader save the world.)
Lost in your pants. (I knew I should have taken a left at Albuquerque.)
Desperate Housewives in your pants. (This one doesn't need commentary. lol.)
Doll House in your pants. (Who will it be today?)
you had me laughing through ALL of these (especially with the commentary).
Pet cematary... in my pants
ha! kids would love it even more!
I'm a fan of "The Dirty Thirties" in your pants.


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