...Does anyone know of any way to disable the chat bar that the bottom of the screen? Even when I set my status to offline it's constantly refreshing and it seems to be slowing things down for me - it also takes up a sizable chunk of my very small laptop screen.


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Yep, I have that problem too, it keeps hovering in the middle of the screen, obscuring forum posts.

Safari has also been crashing an awful lot when i've been on the ning on my iphone recently.
I don't know but if your try to go into the chat you'll have to hide all the menu bars and such at the top of your screen to be able to make it go in a different window.
I have no trouble getting into chat, I just want to be able to make the stupid bar go away!
Have you tried disabling shockwave flash?
I believe there should be a settings option or a button to disable it... but remember they are just starting to work on it and explore... but yes it does suck up resources and is an annoyance sometimes.
you guys can't get off chat??
I can't get on!!!!
its been flickering at the bottom of my screen forever now
and i wanna use it and check it out but it can't connect to the server
and if it does connect it loses it immediately!!


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