Okay, so I know they made of a movie out of this book series a year or two or so and it completely sucked butt HOWEVER the books series, I think, is really good. There's twelve total (though I'm sad to admit I'm only on the seventh book, soon to be eighth by the end of this night, I hope) and they're all very well written. I zoned out in three of my classes at school because I was so engrossed by the series. I have to check the books out three or four at a time!

Originally, these books were published as junior fiction as a gateway for younger children into the wonderful realm of the horror genre, though the saga has been read and reviewed by many famous authors, including the great J. K. Rowling (who, for those who don't know, wrote the Harry Potter series as is my writing idol).

Centered around by a young boy named Darren Shan, the Cirque du Freak saga travels with Darren on his road from becoming a newly-blooded half-vampire to leading the vampire clan through a war with their blood-cousins the vampaneze, a race very much like vampires, but they kill their prey each time they feed instead of simply taking a small dose and letting the human live on as though nothing happened. I find it compelling, well thought out, and very easy to read. It moves quickly, and there's action around every page turn. Not once have I ended up skipping a paragraph (as I often do when reading because I get bored with the lame descriptions of how the walls sparkle like a pond at moonlight during the rare harvest moon which glittered so beautifully in the diamond-studded blahblahblahblahblah) while I have been reading this series.

I ended up doing the first book for an outside-reading book report in my English course and one of the projects I had to do for it was a 10-entry journal over one of the main characters. I decided to write the journal of Larten Crepsley, the man who blooded Darren to begin with. When I got the report back, my teacher noted how well I had captured the voice of the character. I was only able to do this because Darren Shan (the author's pseudonym - I have no idea what his real name is) wrote the book so well that I felt as though I could become any individual character. They were so clear in my head, and each holds a distinct persona in my mind.

I know I'm writing a lot, and I really do love the series, even if I have yet to finish it. I hope there's more people out there that loves this saga as much as I do! And if you haven't read it yet, 1) why are you here? and 2) go read it now! It won't take you long, I promise.

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Love these books! I haven't seen the movie yet, though, kind of scared to...
Don't! I mean, even if it was a movie that wasn't based off of a book, it still wasn't very good. The acting was weak sauce. But high five for being awesome and loving the books! =D
I know John said in a video once that a movie can never ruin the book because the book will always be the book, but I refuse to let a bad movie ruin the series for me. I own all 12 books, and I reread them all the time. They are phenomenal. His writing style is very simple, but the issues he deals with, especially in the last 4 or 5 books, are very serious and adult.
Long story short, I LOVE THEM
Most def! Why can't all books be like that? Simple but complex and yet so easy to read!! Not only that, but you just have to read more! And I'm jellin' that you own all the books. I have to get mine from the darn "local library." -_-
I love these books, I prefer his Demonata series though. It's about werewolves and stuff and the books are aimed at a slightly older audience. I also really want to read his new book about Mr Crepsley in his youth.

You're right about the movie though - it really sucked, the casting was all wrong and they merged all the books into one but let out loads and it was just really bad.

I loved all the books, they were amazing! I watched the movie then I wanted to punch someone in the face. A lot of people say his other series, The Demonata, is really good. I'm gonna start it soon. I have also read the first book of the Saga of Larten Crepsley, it was really good can't wait to read the next one! 


LOVE the series! And Demonata :-) 

I'm one of thoses weird people who watch movies and then I'm into the book. I saw Cirque du Freak and I was probbly the only one in the world who said "That was pretty cool" Then I found out there was a book seris and Now I'm up to number 10 I think. I've been busy with school so i don't have time to read for fun anymore. plus I'm in the middle of TFiOS epic book by the way.

Oh my gooooood. First book series that ever made me cry! ughhh you absolutely MUST post here again when you've finished reading the series! I love love love love it. I HATE the movie. I knew it was going to suck when they cast John C. Reily as Larten (love that actor but cmon he looks nothing like larten).God I rly don't want to spoil anything for anybody so I'll shut up. But yes!!!! I've been wanting to reread the series for a while now and experience all the feels all over again. Demonata is so good, too! Everything Darren Shan writes is just SO creative and breathes such a fresh breath into the horror genre. I really need to read his new books ugh! Just so happy to find this thread! DFBTA <3333

I almost cried in class when you know what happend. End of book 9 i think.

I cried too, it's so sad especially the ones after the ninth




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