So, I got this idea to get Nerdfighteria together and write a movie.  Who will make the movie?  We will figure that out later.  

I can keep track of the official draft.  People can write ideas and even whole scenes for this movie.  We can discuss characters and how they should interact and change over the movie.  The finished product doesn't even need to be that great (in fact it probably won't be), but it just needs to be fun to make and write, so we have a complete film that was written, produced and directed by Nerdfighters (does John or Hank feel like making a cameo?).


So, anyway, before we can start writing we need an idea.  Should it be romantic?  Action packed?  Give your thoughts below. 


September 11, 2011  (Guide to the Unnamed Nerdfighter Collaborative Movie Project (UNCMP)

This list should hold most every idea discussed about this film in this thread so far. If you see anything missing or inaccurate on this list, let me (Vince T) know and I will do my darndest to fix it during the next update.

If an idea receives a good deal of interest, it will automatically be moved to the ‘liquids’ list. 

If you think something that has seen a fair deal of discussion deserves to be in the film, feel free to propose moving it to the ‘solids’ list. If it sees enough support, it will be moved.

Directors: These guys have last say on all things and help to keep the movie running smoothly.
(Main Director) Gillman
(Mrs. Manager) Laura
(Mr. Manager) Vince T   

Laws of the Film Universe (Established truths to this film production)
-The Script shall be written by the collective awesome of the community
-Everyone is free to contribute, and once you contribute you’re a part of the team
-The movie must be awesome 

-The script will be the only main collaboration.  We will hand over the finished script to a made-of-awesome filmmaker (we will figure out who later) to complete the movie.

DFTBA used as a naming scheme for episodes or chapters

-Giraffes (separated from other animals for their closer link to Nerdfighting)
- Peeps in some capacity
- Giant Squid of Anger
-John Green books references
-Hank Green song references
-John and Hank cameos?

-Deadlines Occur on Greenwich Mean Time unless otherwise noted

Film Organization
-Writing Scene by Scene
-Establish Overall Storyline first before going into detail
-One group shooting it

Island Details



- Massive Library

-Vondell Swain’s map

-Whiffinity’s Lemongrass scene

-vlogbrothers video

Main Characters

-Lincolnstein: Cross of Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln (possible time traveling accident) who is nefarious. Kidnaps babies from the evil baby orphanage to start his "Dangerous Formation of the Terrible Baby Army".

-Willy Bubbles the Nerdfighting Puppy Pirate & Jerry the Tap-dancing Duck Ninja: leaders of the Pirate and Ninja factions (respectively) that are constantly at war on the island. The two share a deep animosity for one another. Will probably have a big face-off at the end.

-Jenga: Female protagonist. A clever young lady who is new to the island. Has a plot point attached to her that takes advantage of a metaphor tied into the physical/mental skill game she shares her name with. Has a penchant for witty fun dialogue. 

-Dorian: Male love interest. Time traveling nerd-hunk ala Doctor (take your pick of Doctor iterations). Just as sharp as Jenga at least when it comes to snappy dialogue.

Character List:
-Mark Taylor: committed worker for the evil baby orphanage
-Natalie Spiegelman: a passionate girl with issues of trust
-Tiny Cooper: the finder of beauty in all things
-Queen Ranavalona I (as evil baby)
-Hitler (as evil baby)
-Vlad the Impaler (as evil baby)
-Queen Bathory (as evil baby)
-Stalin (as evil baby)
-Napoleon (as evil baby)(or possibly as a good baby)
- Hal: the main character’s supervisor at their job on the island

-Katherine: Love Interest

Character Traits
- currently works at evil baby orphanage
-used to work at a hatchery, handling peeps 
-Alternate names: Natalie, Katherine


-mannerisms similar to the 10th doctor

-Leder hosen wearing bridge trolls from Quebec!
-Exploding Ants
-At least one Star trek reference
-Harry Potter references
-Olivander’s wand Shop


-Whiffinity’s  link

-Vince’s  link

-Gabriela’s  link

-Laura’s link

Dialogue Samples

Dorian & Jenga

-Emma link

-Gabriella link


-Diary link





  1. We meet Jenga.
  2. She meets Dorian
  3. Peeps come alive and attack
  4. They are saved by Bubbles
  5. The peeps coming alive is a sign of Lincolstein coming for Nerdfighteria

Once the first scene is written, and as we see how the story is set up, we will decide on the next section.


Scene 1 (written by David Nica)



Thanks for everyone's awesome and amazing work so far!  Keep it up!


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We also discussed Vince's original treatment, and personally I think that is the best route we have to make this epic. The whole pretending to be a proffessor of peepology thing would work really well, I think :D


Also, we have to do this chat thing again, it was quite productive! And alot of fun :) You guys are awesome :D

Agreed :) Hopefully everyone can make it next time, and yeah it does work! 

Good work those who were there! :D

Hi, it's me! Caroline, the girl who was in the chatroom! Emma's friend.
Hi! I'm glad you joined our group, more people means more awesome ideas.

(: Ty.

Hey everybody. Sorry I've fallen off the face of the thread for the last month. I've been dealing with moving across the state and a great deal of job swapping which has left me very little time to manage the archive or keep track of the thread.


I'm apologize for not being here to help out, I really wish I could have been there for the chat. If my hair had puff levels, I  would be sweeping my ceiling right now.


Glad to have you back.  

You can start by organizing these 102 volumes of the Encyclopedia of Animal Feces and also pour me a glass om strawberry lemonade.


But seriously though, we should start planning the next live chat.

Yeah we have discussed Acts one and two ( I'm referring to my 2nd treatment) but 3-5 still need to be. How about next weekend, 6th/7th of August?
Sounds good, same times as before?
Acts? Someone really needs to fill me in.
I'm back! Anyone want to fill me in? I'm exsausted (and sick, I think) and will go through the pages I've missed soon, but until then, anyone want to give me the basic rundown?
Yay your back! Welcome back to your home on the net.


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