I just finished it. 

Emotions are all swirly now.

I'm glad I had today off so I could go get it and just marathon read it... took me about 5-6 hours.

Has anyone finished? thoughts?

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Just became a Nerd Fighter and this is my first post. I sent some of the following as a thank you to JG in a private email just to say "Thank you", but now I am sharing.

What a great book. I just finished listening to all of John Greens books, finishing with TFiOS. I usually don't listen to young adult. I am glad I took a chance.

I cried more listening to "The Fault in Our Stars" than any previous books I have read/listened. My best friend in high school and best man in my wedding, who shares the name, John Green, passed away too young from a rare form of Cancer. I rushed to make plans to visit him during his last weeks but my couple day delay to write my finals, caused me to miss him and show up for his funeral instead.

I could not help but think of my friend, John Green, through all the books, but most of all through TFiOS.

Previously listening to Will Grayson Will Grayson where there are multiple Will Graysons and then hearing the name Watters all the way through TFiOS is cool even if I discovered the name is spelled with only one 't'.

I have had a couple days to reflect and calm down from the book. Many toxins have been removed from my system via a good weeping. I will be revisiting this book again. Thank you John Green.

small world Jim.  while i'm sorry for your loss, i'm glad it's part of what has connected you to this amazing community.  and that you've been able to heal (over time and perhaps now more than you ever could have on your own)

Is it just me or does every other sentence of John Green's seem like an inspirational quote? Seriously. I want to follow this guy around with a pencil haha xD

helps being a writer.  particularly in the book, but in terms of his videos too.

For me, I feel that TFiOS is the first of John Green's books to reach beyond YA to the great novels beyond. TFiOS is one of if not the most compact great novel's I've read. There are 3-4 paragraph's in the book that are worth the entire book, and the rest of the book is not bad. While LFA did a good job at capturing the sense of loss that death can bring. TFiOS really brings out the powerlessness that death brings. And yet... there is beauty. Even if oblivion awaits us all, it is clear from well before the novel's end when Hazel is able to not worry she is able to find joy. Pain is an excellent distractor, but true joy is the clarity that life is for. If I ever return to teaching literature I will certainly make this mandatory reading.

I really did love this book, but it didn't bring me to tears. However, I was an emotional wreck haha. I absolutely love the characters and how in-depth their personalities are, they're so likeable and I wish I knew them in real life! Overall, it was an amazing read, John Green never disappoints.

My roommate and I read this book at the same time, stealing it from each other (I got dibs because it was technically my copy since hers was sent to her house) and it was interesting seeing how deeply it affected the pair of us. My roommate had a bout with cancer when she was fourteen and came out NEC on the other side, I on the other hand was born with a severe congenital heart defect that will, if nothing else gets to me first, inevitably be the death of me. Looking from my perspective as someone who is terrified to enter into relationships because I don't want to die on as few people as possible, found that Hazel's view of her situation was nearly identical with my own feelings. This book helped me work through so many of my fears and negative feelings and I can say that it has earned its spot as my favorite book of all time.

Both TFiOS and Looking For Alaska left me with similar feelings of bitterness and hope, proceeded by a few hours of me just sitting around being emotionally exhausted.I found myself rereading some of the phrases and never wanting to forget them. Right now, I'm working on finding closure in TFiOS.

I loved this book--it's my favorite of John's. I cried SO MUCH. It was the first book of John's I read, and it's what got me started in NerdFighters. 

I just finished this book while sitting at the pool, hearing the sounds of toddlers splashing around in the water, and mothers yelling at there kids to put sunscreen on, was not my ideal surrounding to read this book in. Yet, I told myself I had to finish it then and there because, I mean who couldn't? It was nearly impossible to put down. I knew when I started the book that someone was going to die at the end, and I knew it wouldn't be Hazel because how predictable was that? When Augustus character was introduced and I saw him falling in love with Hazel, I knew it would be him. A) From learning of his cancer story, I knew it was possible for cancer to reappear. B) It had to be a main character, someone Hazel talked to in every chapter and was very much connected to. When I reached the end and saw what I predicted coming, I still was shocked and emotionally drained. That is why I love Green's books though, they bring you up and then bring you down, not bring you down, they drop you on your ass. That is how I learn from them, how a character reacts in a situation were their life gets ripped to shreds. It teaches you about human nature and how friends and family really do make a difference and how nobody really knows unless they are you, and suck really does suck.

I finished it yesterday, right before I had to meet my friends and I was really happy I could just get the story out of my head. (I identiy myself with the characters too much).  It was a very, very beautiful story and I almost cried a couple of times (I usually don't cry).

I really loved it, but it was very full of emotion and reminded me of a friend and well. It was heavy.

I finally got to pick up a copy this week and just finished it on Friday.  All I can say is that I'm glad I didn't wait until Saturday when I was donating platelets.  As a 6'1" 200lb dude, I might have drawn a bit of attention crying my eyes out in a room full of people :)


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