I just finished it. 

Emotions are all swirly now.

I'm glad I had today off so I could go get it and just marathon read it... took me about 5-6 hours.

Has anyone finished? thoughts?

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having now read the audiobook, i think i know what you mean...though that could be as much an anticipatory reaction as a reaction to someone emoting verbally vs the potentially detatched printed least in my case.

So many tears...

I loved that it was about more than cancer... I've read a lot of those books, and there's rarely anything more than superficial romance and the medical struggle. I LOVED that it was about more... It was about love, life, death, PURPOSE, making a difference... I'm not sure what it did for me in the long term, but I know it inspired my writing - finally! I've been in this dry place, where everything I wrote was like "those books," where it was all pretty on the surface, and while I like the stories, they don't mean much, in the grand scheme of things... TFioS made me want to write something with purpose, something that can change a mind, heart, or at least have a reason for being written beyond my need to write (which still exists). It helped return passion to an art I have been missing dearly in the last year... I feel like I owe a lot to this book. 

It doesn't mean I hate my old projects or characters... I will return to them, and hopefully, one day they will be complete. But right now, I want to write something that is more... Just more. :)

Thanks you, John, Hazel, and Augustus.

I kept thinking while reading this book that I could never write something this deep, or witty. But my friends and I do have conversations that are witty/deep like that. I need to practice writing more >.>

All I can say is that I am very happy John Green has privledged us with this novel. It was strictly nothing but awesome.

just finished.

as a number of you have said, i wanted to process a bit before putting too many of my thoughts down.

unfortunately this gave me an opportunity to stumble onto a pair of songs by Mark Schultz...all of the emotion i might have felt if i'd only listened to either of these songs about parents dealing with threats to their children’s' lives combined with and amplified everything i'd felt while reading similar sections of the book. needless to say, i bawled my eyes out for about 30 minutes.

this brings me back to the issue i had going through the book though. John said in his question Tuesday vlog on the day the book released that he explored the definition of heroism. one of the ideas, Hazel expresses through her continued metaphor of herself as a grenade...and Augustus returns to in his eulogy letter for her, talking about the scars we all leave. yes, we can hurt others simply by being (or ceasing to) and absolutely, you want to spare others as much pain as possible but I feel like Hazel's missed the point. she reads the words, 'Without pain, we couldn't know joy,' and like so many others only sees one meaning: that we need the opposites to categorize our experiences and emotions, and dismisses it. another point of this quote is that love (be it romantic, parental, filial, fraternal or merely very friendly) messes us up. pain and joy, the damage and the healing/enhancement people feel from each other is linked, not just in opposition but in a big humany-wuminy jumble. so by cutting herself off from the world to minimize how much she will eventually 'damage' it, she's also in a way, possibly robbing it of the joy of knowing her.


Heads up, if you live in the Virginia/Newport News area do NOT buy from Barnes and Nobels outside of the Patrick Henry mall, I went Hanklerfishing and Yeti hunting today to find kids referencing a yeti'd and Hanklerfish'd book and drawing them in all the TFiOS copies. When I went to confront them they mixed up the books, left them on the ground, and ran for it. I honestly can't tell which ones are real and which ones aren't. I let the manager know but he hasn't pulled the books :(

That really saddens me. It's hard to believe that those kids are a part of Nerdfighteria, but I can't imagine they would know anything about it if they weren't. Oh, how the world suck continues. For now, anyway.

This book.... I don't know.. I read it one sitting, only stopping for tea and...I've let it sink in, and have been dying to talk about it as none of my friends have read it.

I love Hazel wondering what happened to all the characters at the end of AIA, I know the feeling after reading HP! I felt the way she continued to ask about Anna's Mum, was a way of wondering what would happen to her mum after she dies.  

Gosh, the way she described herself as a grenade :'( :'( :'( 

I can understand that. There was a really dark time in my life when I was younger, and I started to seriously contemplate suicide. But I realized that there were still people that cared about me, and I couldn't put them through that. I couldn't be a grenade.

I have so many mixed emotions about this book.

Please note possible spoilers:

One the one hand I love the whole 'not making a difference' part of the book, because it's true. As much as I want to believe I'm not going to cure cancer (I want to be a doctor, not reference to the book but, it could be). I think that is the reason why I'm now in such a bad mood now, (leading to me to have a half fall out with my lover) because I've come to the realizesation (excuse the spelling) that I'm not going to make a huge inpact on the world. Did anyone else feel really down after?

It's difficult to not feel down about the whole 'not making a difference' thing. However, that doesn't mean we can't try. We should all try to make a difference, even if we only touch one life. And even if you don't cure cancer, you could very well get us just that much closer to being able to.

I don't think John knew how many people's lives he would touch with his books when he was writing them, he probably hoped for at least one or two (that's how I feel about my writing). 

We all need to do our little part in decreasing world suck. Even if it's small, it helps just that much more.

This music video really kind of says it all.


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