The goal of this game is to get to the Wikipedia article on Osama Bin Laden in less than 5 clicks. You have to go to Wikipedia, hit "random article", and from that page you can only click the links in the article (including the see-alsos and the little "show" portal things at the bottom) to get to his page. 

If you succeed (and even if you don't), post the path you had to take to find his page. 

Good luck! 



My first game: 

In Pursuit of Honor>World War I>War in Afghanistan>Osama Bin Laden


(I originally posted this in Uncategorized, but deleted it and am reposting it here where it fits better.) 

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Sawing off of Manhattan Island>New York City>September 11th, 2001 attacks> Osama Bin Laden

Maud Island > New Zealand > Afghanistan War > Osama bin Laden 

I like this game :)

Fujimoto Yae (WTF?) -> Japan -> Japanese Iraq Reconstruction -> Iraq -> Islam -> Middle East -> Afghanistan -> Osama bin Laden. Whoa, that was hard, I'll try again.


Akaflieg (Seriously?) -> Germany -> Arab people -> The US -> al-Qaeda -> Osama! =)

One day, I'll manage...

John Vincent (composer) -> United States -> War in Afghanistan (2001–present) -> al-Qaeda -> Osama bin Laden (Woop)

List of fictional secret bases in comics and animation  --> X-Men --> New York City --> September 11 Attacks --> Osama Bin Laden


That was epic.

Borah Peak -> U.S. State -> New York CIty -> September 11 Attacks -> Osama bin Laden

Woohoo! :D

Random Article: Malcolm Dole

1st Click: United States

2nd Click:al-Qaeda

3rd Click: Osama Bin Laden

I win! :D

Escuela de sirenas y tiburones (why do I always get articles of obscure Spanish-language films!?!??!?!)>Argentina>Spain>Al Qaeda>Osama


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