The first 5 words you find in this puzzle say a lot about you

Hi people, My friend just sent me a really neat crossword puzzle created by a psychologist and it's formulated to tell a lot about a person.  Post the first 5 words you find and you're personal interpretation.  It's fun!


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crush, fool, feel, door, peep


interesting... o_O


Not a very promising omen.

These, leave, deed, feel, past.

Crush, fool, leave, dead, kiss.


Passion, Malice, Maniac, Kiss (which I found twice), wisdom

the only one that really jumped out at me was Passion. It stood out, maybe because it's longer than the rest of my words?

bail, passion, crush, fool, see


So what does that say about me??? I only saw bail because it was right at the top, and the others were near it, except passion which I saw as I was looking down to the replies.

Haha I love these.

Bail, Secret, Hate, Kick, Kiss


humm....those are just the first ones i saw, i dunno what it would mean

Bail, Maniac, Peep, Eat, Passion

The only one that I can think of a reason for is Eat, because I've not had tea yet and I'm peckish :)







Oh dear god... good thing this doesn't seem like a quality test or else I would be really worried right now. I can still do this for fun though. According to this test I'm a masochist who gets off on crushing other male's genitalia, and also I'm secretly gay just in case that part wasn't obvious. I have some serious self esteem, anger, relationship (I seem to be bipolar when comparing crush and kiss) and control issues, and there is some danger that I may off myself. I should probably be checked into an institution soon before I hurt myself or others. I am a danger to all the males I come into contact with, and nobody should let me get close to them or else I will crush their fleshy bits in a fit of passion. 


That was fun.

Naked, lice, kick, curse, man.

I'm not sure if I want to know.

I got . . .

1. Secret

2. Nude

3. Hate

4. Fool

5. Leave


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