The first 5 words you find in this puzzle say a lot about you

Hi people, My friend just sent me a really neat crossword puzzle created by a psychologist and it's formulated to tell a lot about a person.  Post the first 5 words you find and you're personal interpretation.  It's fun!


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Bail, lust, the, see, crush.


Heh. "See the lust crush bail."


It is probably important to note that as a skateboarder, I see "bail" as a synonym for "crash" or "failure" that usually involves a risk of injury. It's not like bailing water out of a boat. Psychologically, that's an important distinction.


















present, passion, leave, secret, past

Past, malice, kick, suicide, fool.

If this is trying to tell me I'm a depressed emo kid, it's wrong.

passion, sin, secret, made, fool
Wisdom, door, scum, human & fool

Woop woop 

Wisdom, fool, no, pogo and eat.


A wise fool knows not to pogo while eating?

fool, dread, hate, leave


wow haha

Past, coke, feel, malice, arm?

Perhaps I feel malice in my past, which makes me want to spill a can of coke on my arm… Perhaps in the past, I felt that coke would help ease the malice I felt towards my arm? Coke makes me feel malice against my arm in the past? I past the coke, which made my arm feel malice? I became armed because of some malice I felt in the past over a can of coke? I'm getting nothin' here…

Cut, Wisdom, Eel, Leave, Pee.

...... So I'm a wise but emo Eel who has a bladder issue and therefore had to leave places all the time.

Seems accurate.


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