The first 5 words you find in this puzzle say a lot about you

Hi people, My friend just sent me a really neat crossword puzzle created by a psychologist and it's formulated to tell a lot about a person.  Post the first 5 words you find and you're personal interpretation.  It's fun!


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wisdom, age , man, kiss, dream. 


Secrets, leave, cut, peep, chat.


Yep! Yo, what's up, mah peep? xD

Crush, fool, leave, tee, these

Bail, lust, crush, fool, leave.

Pfff, joke's on you. I was just reading it left-right line by line.

Anyway, let's see the other words hidden in this puzzle...

Moron, flesh, men, rage, man, made, tee, secret, secrets, sin, no, suicide, scum, meme, lid, read, naked, deed, kiss, cut, pee, peep, at, pogo, pass, passion, coke, hate, malice, kick, wisdom, present, tease, tin, bottom, ten...

WTHeck? MOST of the words here are negative! Is this intentional? Is it some kind of trick to make you believe that there's something wrong with you? Jeez...

(And don't try telling me it's because of ME that I found mostly these words. I was examining closely as I was reading and I saw the other comments - they got a lot of the negative words too.)

Bail. Lust. Crush. Fool. Leave

I see words quicker than my internet could download the entire crossword, so I saw the words horizontal L>R row by row and these were the first five words I saw.

Rescanning,  I missed on the same lines:  The,  These, No, Rush, Lea, Ave, Vei.  And probably a few others that creative persons would have seen that I didn't.

I therefore ignored  two words easily mistaken for nonsense (ave and vei) two words used as grammatical connectors (for syntactic purposes - so shoot me, I know nothing but english jargon), one word that was a directive (no) and one word that was an adjective that formed part of a verb I found (rush in crush).

The words I did find, three were verbs, two were adjectives.  I suppose this reflects the quick scan habit of "ignore the syntax, focus on the descriptors"  to get the meaning.  Treated it like sentence reading, across then down, and fast, as I was primed to pick out words and "interpret meaning"  so descriptors would be more logical to find meaning.

If there is a thematic connection in those five words, it's irrelevant, because this may be construed as sampling or selection biases by location within the grid.  Words of discordant themes ought to be placed in proximity to each other, or at least randomised, rather than having words with potentially similar themes (emotionally or otherwise).

I therefore conclude that this is a test of linguistic selectivity biases, using priming, and the themes have no meaning whatsoever.

Meme, malice, wisdom, fool, crush.

Hahahahaha. The meme one made me laugh. Proves I'm an internet nerd. Malice.... Hmmm....... Wisdom. Yeah. I have lots of wisdom and feel like no one listens to it. :\ Fool. Yes I AM A FOOL. I keep picking the wrong guys... And ironically crush was the next word. Gah.

sin, passion, hate, naked, men

Is this puzzle trying to tell me that I'm a lesbian (since I "hate naked men"), but that I'm deeply religious and feel that it's a sin?

Man, I've really got to let that inner lesbian out...

passion, coke, dirt, dread, men

none, malice, kiss, nude?, cut

crush, fool, leave, made, sin


help anyone?


Bail, secret, naked, passion, hate.


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