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Blurbing book club book from May 14th 2010 - June 18th 2010. 

EDIT: I've just posted the blog with top three regular and lol-cat blurbs. You have a week (until the June 25th) to vote. You can find the blog here.  

Here's a few things you should probably do: 

1. Read the book (obviously). 

2. Come back to this forum and leave your thoughts about the book. You can write a sentence, you can write an essay, it doesn't matter, whatever you want. 

3. Blurb the book. 
Some of you may not know what a blurb is so allow me to explain: A blurb is a sentence of 10 words or less, that sums up the book in question. If you want an example, look on the back (occasionally the front) of some books lying around your house. Those are blurbs. 

Keep in mind that you can also compose lol-cat blurbs if you'd like (the same thing but with internet slang). 

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I'm deliberately not reading the comments below because I just read the first twenty pages today, and my gosh, I've never read a story with a more helpless, hopeless narrator. I don't know if that makes me want to keep reading or to stop, and as the one comment I did glimpse said, I didn't realize it was a zombie book. I probably wouldn't have picked it up if I'd known. But now, of course, I have to finish it.

I confess, I've seen the title and cover on several blogs, and I've always thought, that looks really great. But seeing the forum here on my first day as a Nerdfighter tipped the scales. I love talking about books.
blurb: Exiting and chilling left me wanting more all and all agreat read
I loved the book. I read it all, in one night because I couldn't put it down. It was so sad, I think I cried about 5 million times.
i really enjoyed this book and will probably check out Ryan's other books.

Blurb = One girls dream could lead to the undeath of everyone she knows
I knew from reading the back it was a zombie book and, not having read many zombie books, decided to give it a try. I'm still not quite sure what I thought of it. I didn't particuarly like Mary, I don't really know why. There was just something about her that didn't appeal to me. I didn't like the ending. What happened to Harry, Cass, Argos, and Jacob? It just kind of chopped them all out. I think I would have to reread it to form an opinion on whether I liked it or not.

Post-apocalypic romance...makes you think: "What would happen if..."
well there is a sequal to it called "the dead-tossed waves" that I'm assuming continues the story. (its in my pile to read :)
It's actually about her daughter, whose father's identity I have yet to discover. I haven't gotten very far, so I don't actually know very much.
Yay for having read this book before.
Nay for having forgotten a lot of plot (though I do distinctively remember hating the narrator with a passion).
Anyway, here goes:

Ochun or boyz? Boyz or ochun? Oh -- ded boyz. OCHUN!
I liked the IDEA of this book. It had an interesting concept and a fairly good plot... but I was still dissatisfied with it. I thought the ending was horrible and it felt incomplete. Honestly! In the end, you only found out what happened to one character! All the other people introduced in the story either died or went off on their own. It could have been good, but, overall I thought it was simply decent.

Blurb: Although full of potential, generally dissapointing and prematurely finished. :)
i like zombies,i'm terrified of them and am in constant fear of a zombie apocalypse,but still i like zombies and books about zombies so yes,i very much enjoyed this book. the people's way of life scared me the most,how much they were changed and how they were over taken by them made me think about the strength and brain of our government and if we actually could handle this kind of thing,freaked me out,happy to have read it but now i can't stop thinking about it.

it's scary,and romantic and you'll kinda wish you never read it. =]
I was surprised to hear how many people seemed to dislike Mary as a main character and deemed her as selfish. I liked her so much I was actually somewhat upset when I first started reading the second book of the series, and the narrator had become her "daughter". But anyway, I did not think of her as selfish; she did not ask Harry to love her, nor did she ask her brother to follow her past the fences, so she had no obligation to them. Furthermore, if I remember correctly, Mary was ready to give him on her dream when she learned Travis had been infected, but it was his dieing wish for her to see the ocean. And also, a lot of people seemed upset about the ending. You do know it is only book one of a three part series?
i LOVE this book! I love the irony of the zombie things and the star-crossed love, and the ending was fabulous!


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