So, in a recent BlogTV show. Someone asked John if he would write a book that is a Guide to Nerdfighting. He said that, since he didn't create nerdfighter's he wouldn't fell right making the book. And, he obviously should continue working on the Paper Towns screen play, vlogging, and writing his novels.
So, I thought we should try making our own Guide to Nerdfighting!

If you are interested in doing this, put your thoughts and idea's in the comments.

UPDATE- The discussion has moved to here- .
Come join us in discussing the Guide to Nerdfighting!

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That would be a really cool book to have! :o The big issue though, is that there isn't one way to be a nerdfighter.

Maybe the Guide to Nerdfighting could be a compilation of stories about what different people think nerdfighting means to them?
That's a good idea.
That would be a really short book.

"If you think you're a nerdfighter, then you are. The end."
Well it would still need to explain what nerd fighters are and where they come form and what they do ex...
I can already see a chapter with some awkward birds and the bees intro for that
Everyone knows Nerdfighters are special babies hand-picked by the stork. :P Duh!
Yeah, but I always thought that being a nerdfighter and nerdfighting were kind of different. I mean, it's true that if you think you're a nerdfighter then you are, but nerdfighting is the actual act of fighting the cool-obsession. So The Guide to Nerdfighting could be a book not about how to be a nerdfighter, but how to spread your nerdfighter-ness with the world. There could be a section on some common arguments the popular side uses against nerdiness and how to counter them. There could be a section on putting your ideas out into the world-it could give a number of ideas and some information about them, liking doing a blog (or Vlog!), doing guerilla art (which, if you've read Keri Smith's book on the subject, does not have to be illegal,) doing regular art and putting it on the interwebs, coming and sharing ideas on forums like these...the list goes on and on. There could even be a "bonus chapter" with John's dating advice to help you find your nerdfighter soulmate because everybody knows that nerdfighters, like any other group of people, are stronger in numbers.
This book is happening! :) We would love for you to write something or submit some artwork for the book! head over to the blog at to read more about it :) (or check out the ning group but info is more concise on the blog). We are accepting submissions until December 18! Message me if you have any questions :)
definitely! and we need a glossary with nerdfighter terms that everyone should know like jokes!
Yeah, it needs to serve as an "orientation" for new nerdfighters to get them in on all the old jokes, and so they can know what's going on. A glossary would be great, along with perhaps a summary of the history behind certain phenomenon like "in your pants" or "peeps" or whatever.
Yes, absolutely, those are some of the things we have planned :) Check out the new discussion:

Also, we have a separate site with the direct, pertinent info, as well as a description of what the Guide to Nerdfighting will be:

We'd love your input and submissions :)


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