I shall quickly apologise if I offended any Potter fans with the title of this discussion. Firstly, let me say, I like the Harry Potter books, The Philosopher's stone was the first book I read on my own. But, as an English literature student who has read many books in his short life time, I must say that, although entertaining, they are not well written. 

Do not equate the number of copies sold with whether or not the books are well written. This merely suggests they were popular with the masses, and we all all not that both twilight and Fifty Shade of Grey have also been popular with the masses.

This is a debate that splits my group of friend whenever one of us mentions it, so I decided to ask you lot. 

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Having read all three mentioned ( two out of curiosity and the third by force (fifty shades)) i can say that they are all poorly written compared to classical stories.However Harry Potter is much better written than Fifty Shades and Twilight. we also have to thank JK Rowling because Harry Potter made children read again in a time when reading was becoming less common in younger people. we also must not forget that HP is in fact a children's book so it can not be compared to Adult literature.  Harry Potter is still a good book and will be remembered but it wont be for the amazing literary techniques.Still an amazing serious of books though. plus many fond Childhood memories.  


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