I have a question that I want all of us nerds to answer!  Should I or should I not h=read the HUnger games book by Suzanne Collins???????

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It is a very good book series with a lot of metaphors and symbolism in it. Even if you can't get the symbolism it is still a very good read. I loved it, and so did my boyfriend.

well i can't really speak to your taste, but i very much liked it as well.

I loved it.  It gets a bit gruesome sometimes, but the plot is good and the characters are good.

Between the constant hype and unintentional metal comparisons I had to TFIOS, I was completely disappointed. The writing in the first book seemed extremely basic and shallow; almost like Twilight. Plot occurrences also seemed to be very expected and foreshadowed while written in an extremely cliffhanger style(which kept it constantly moving). In my opinion, the second book is a lot better written than the first as the plot is more complex---there's more to grasp and think about. Despite planning on reading the third book, I'm going to start it with extremely low expectations in contrast to the constant hype.

I'd suggest reading them just so you can figure out if the hype is worth it or not. The way we all approach books is completely unique to our own personalities(like I read them expecting the most flawless story I've ever read) so figure it out yourself and try it :)

with all due respect Haley, don't you think you're setting yourself up for a lot of dissapointment by setting such high expectations all the time?

You should, it'll change your life

It won't change your life, but you should still read it.

You should :)

I personally think its a brilliant book but not everyone loves it but its definitely worth the shot :D

If you're a fan of dystopian literature, or of darkish drama with some political overtones, then absolutely.

If you hate that kind of thing, you probably won't like it much, and can skip it without guilt.

It's an amazing book, but only if you're up for being emotionally drained. There amount of times I wanted to put it down and never look back because it was breaking my heart were uncountable. That having been said, I never could. There are also numerous amusing and heart warming bits too, but usually in the later books. However, if you are against constant character assassination, then it might not be for you. It really does pull at your heart strings.


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