This is the e-mail I sent John on 9 August.
I just got a great idea...
Well, I thought it was great...

Okay, so I'm on Skype with Katie the Ningmaster and a few others. I asked one of them who'd just entered the chat how they were and he said "I'm well. Also hungry. How are you?" And I said "I'm hungry and well, too. Let's meet up at IHOP, cha?"

And then we started wishing that we lived closer together so we could do stuff like that. Someone said we should all move to Chicago and call it Nerdfighter Town. That's great and all, but because you're writing a book on deserted islands... all the Nerdfighters should pitch together money so we can buy a deserted island and then you could use it for research and it could be named Nerdfighteria and then we could all live there and it would be made of awesome... I'm like extremely excited about this. Hence the run-on sentence. Let me know what you think!

Darting Fervently Towards [a] Better Area,
MEEG-dah-lah veh-RED

C'mon Nerdfighters. How bloody cool would that be if we actually did that? I know it'd take time and effort. Some of us might even die out before it comes real. But I'm incredibly enthusiastic that it can happen. If you believe it can happen, then it can. What do you say? Want to make it real? Yeah? No? Thoughts?

Think of it... What started as a yearlong project between brothers turns into a web sensation, turns into a worldwide community, turns into an actual place you can visit.

Please don't be mean to me... I only had a dream.

PS- I'm looking for private islands for sale, lovies.


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(Yours weren't bad. I actually liked the American flag one.)
This is true.
I think this is the official flag of Nerdfighteria as a whole.

Also, should citizens of Nerdfigheria be called Nerdfighters or Nerdfighterians?
But how do we distinguish the residents from Nerdfighters who don't live there?
Residents will wear a zombified unicorn on their heads at all times?
You're right, just found that discussion. We could still use it for the island, though. It's just too awesome.
Where'd this come from/can I buy the t-shirt?!
Philosoraptor made it I believe
Question: If we create the nation Nerdfighteria would we put the Evil Baby Orphanage there?
That could be further down the road.
Yeah I just thought since the evil babies will need as much love and care and awesome as is nerdfighingly possible, what better place than Nerdfighteria? :)


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