This is the e-mail I sent John on 9 August.
I just got a great idea...
Well, I thought it was great...

Okay, so I'm on Skype with Katie the Ningmaster and a few others. I asked one of them who'd just entered the chat how they were and he said "I'm well. Also hungry. How are you?" And I said "I'm hungry and well, too. Let's meet up at IHOP, cha?"

And then we started wishing that we lived closer together so we could do stuff like that. Someone said we should all move to Chicago and call it Nerdfighter Town. That's great and all, but because you're writing a book on deserted islands... all the Nerdfighters should pitch together money so we can buy a deserted island and then you could use it for research and it could be named Nerdfighteria and then we could all live there and it would be made of awesome... I'm like extremely excited about this. Hence the run-on sentence. Let me know what you think!

Darting Fervently Towards [a] Better Area,
MEEG-dah-lah veh-RED

C'mon Nerdfighters. How bloody cool would that be if we actually did that? I know it'd take time and effort. Some of us might even die out before it comes real. But I'm incredibly enthusiastic that it can happen. If you believe it can happen, then it can. What do you say? Want to make it real? Yeah? No? Thoughts?

Think of it... What started as a yearlong project between brothers turns into a web sensation, turns into a worldwide community, turns into an actual place you can visit.

Please don't be mean to me... I only had a dream.

PS- I'm looking for private islands for sale, lovies.


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Obviously. You can't have a country listed with:
"Size: 0 Km^2".
i'm not sure if this has been brought up yet but if this is a nation, what type of government will we have, and who will lead it?

personaly i'm in favor of a mixture of Socialism, Parliamentary, and Democracy
It's been brought up, but nothing's been chosen. There's a link in my post for a Facebook group where we can discuss this stuff in a more organised manner. Let everyone know why you feel that would work best! :)
Democracy. Everybody in Nerdfighteria can use internet to vote.
Perhaps we should have a more advanced type of democracy, where everyone votes on every decision. That way we would always have the majority of people happy.
That's what I wanted to say.
Yes, I thought so.
The small words were really hard to get close to legible...

I'm glad it was worth it.
Wow, that's a fancy seal of approval.
I think that's a great idea. We should also have checks and balances.
I am all for the formation of Nerfighteria as a country in its own right. Hank and John would be our kind Emperors, loved and worshipped by all Nerdfighters. We would have our own army devoted to defending our beautiful nation from lame and enforcing awesomeness. Unfortunately, when there is power, there are those who wish to claim it for themselves. There would be a mass uprising of those who call themselves Geekwarriors, the Decepticons of our race. They would attempt to overthrow our idolised leaders and take the thrones for themselves, resulting in an epic battle that would become legend. The Nerdfighters would prevail, of course, defeating the Geekwarriors and restoring peace to all of Nerdfighteria once and for all. The Emperors of Nerdfighteria could then hold a grand ball in celebration of our victory where we would rejoice and happy dance until we could dance no more!

Oh, it could be so awesome.
That would be great, terrible and awesome. Yay your mind!


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