I'm using this thread to embed liveshows when they're going on.
If there is a show going on, you can watch above.

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i am watching dude it's a w e s o m e :D xxxxx
I just wanted to test the embed function :)
I would be watching but I have to study :( Blegh.
He's only going to stay on for another 20 minutes at the most. Alan's coming on after that...
How do you people find out about these things?!
I always seem to miss them. When does he do these things?
John posted a video saying he was (going) live, but you can also make a blogtv account and subscribe to fallofautumndistro's channel.
So like it's just random when he does these?
Yeah, more or less. Sometimes he'll announce it beforehand, but mostly it's just random.
I've renamed this thread.
It'll be here to remind people when John and/or Hank are doing a live show.
Upcoming: Pottercast (in 30 minutes)
I'd watch but I need to go to bed. It's 2.32am in the UK. Meh. Why can't they do these things at more sensible hours? :)
Live Show!
Thank you very much TOM.


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