Behold, the magic vending machine.


Insert a coin, and let the next commenter decide what goodies you get :D


I'll start...


*inserts coin and crosses fingers*



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You get an acceptance letter from Hogwarts

*inserts coin*
You get a feather duster!

*inserts coin*
You get my undying love:)
*Insert coin*
you get 200 Antimatter Charges(S)

*inserts dollar*
Out pops a scrap of paper that, in very unclear handwriting, says "They couldn't hit an elephant from this dis-"

*inserts a bottle cap*
get burned pre-war book

*inserts a galleon*
You get Moby Dick.

*inserts a coin*
you get a Firebolt

*inserts coin*
you get a Pokeball

*inserts coin*
You get a Goldeen...whoopty do

*inserts gold dabloone*
You get the Black Perl.

*inserts Olympic Bronze medal*
You get stoner Michael Phelps' bong!

*inserts guitar pick*


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