Okay, so, I have decided to take a nice little poll of the nerd population. No, I don't have a reason; this is mainly for my own amusement until I find a practical use for the information. But don't let that stop you! It's easy! Just three simple questions and you can get on with your life!

Question 1: your age// -20,(if so, specify -18) 21-30, 31-40,... exact age is not necessary but is appreciated :)

Question 2: Gender. Yeah, that's all.

Question 3: Pick a nerd genre// Comics, Manga/Anime, Computers, Books, Music, Art, Film(includes acting/dancing), Just nerd(you know, intelligence), Writing, Other.

So, yeah. That's all. I hope I can somehow apply this information to real life. Maybe a science project... so long as I get at least 100 responces, that is. Thanks for helping!~ (^)<~~

Oh, yeah, and please choose one genre ^^'

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Gender: Female


1. 16

2. Male, well I think. I'm not totally sure. I would go to the bathroom to check but  not sure which bathroom to go to. Damn dilemma

3.Writing/book nerd

Question 1: 20

Question 2: Female

Question 3: Art/film



3.Books/Art/Writing, but books first I guess.

1. 13

2. Female(s are superior)

3. Words(I have many different nerdy attributes but if the FBI told me that I was gonna die if I didn't pick just one genre of Nerdiness that I am then I would pick anything to do with words. I write stories and poetry, am a grammar nazi, read ALOT, have a big vocab, and collect quotes by famous people to name a few)

Question 1: 16

Question 2: Female

Question 3: Books, Film(includes acting/dancing), Just nerd(you know, intelligence), and I'm also overly obsessed with karate.

1. 18

2. Female.

3. Film

17, female, writing.
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Genre: Just Nerd, Reading/Writing Nerd and Sport Nerd

1) 14

2) female

3) Science, math, photography, books, music, ancient mythologies, and a little bit of everything else I can get my hands on

1. 14

2. Female

3. Greek Myths

Your Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm excitable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Question 1: 15

Question 2: Female

Question 3: The most prominent one would probably be... Acting (Musical Theatre specifically)


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