OK I got tons for nerdy stuff for Chrismas. Mostly Twilight and Harry Potter. List the 3 Nerdiest
things you got for X-mas.
1.Bella's bracelet from twilight
2. a kit full of harry potter stuff(scarfs,shirts,pins)
3.8 Twilight posters
Hahaha my room is FILLED with Twilight and harry potter stuff. Yea...I'm in love with books. But ALL nerdfighters are too!!!!!!Right?

EDIT: You guys are a little late with the x-mas stuff. :) oh yeah i kinda hate twilight now so all my twilight stuff got sold to my friends. Thx for the comments guys. <3

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8 Twilight posters

I got books and comics for X-mas. So I guess that is nerdy.
Your thumbnail just got so well with your reply....
haha yes.
and though i am a fan of twilight
i must agreee. hahah hank.
First thing i did when Hank wrote that comment - Laugh
Yeah, just *facepalm* right there hahh
Thats happen a lot with his comments I've noticed
i agree, that thumbnail is epic for your reply. lol
The Harry Potter 'Astronomy Class Kit' (okay even i'm laughing at myself for this, especially since i called my friend and screamed "I got the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!!" even though i also got an ipod touch earlier that day.)
1. Complete collection of Lucky Star collector's edition box sets (it's an anime).

I got a camera and a blanket as well, but those aren't nerdy. Lucky Star is my nerdiest. :)
Lucky Star, For the win.


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