OK I got tons for nerdy stuff for Chrismas. Mostly Twilight and Harry Potter. List the 3 Nerdiest
things you got for X-mas.
1.Bella's bracelet from twilight
2. a kit full of harry potter stuff(scarfs,shirts,pins)
3.8 Twilight posters
Hahaha my room is FILLED with Twilight and harry potter stuff. Yea...I'm in love with books. But ALL nerdfighters are too!!!!!!Right?

EDIT: You guys are a little late with the x-mas stuff. :) oh yeah i kinda hate twilight now so all my twilight stuff got sold to my friends. Thx for the comments guys. <3

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1. a wand my Grandpa made for me

2. a couple of anime t-shirts and an anime bandana

3. a portable globe, just for fun

4. harry Potter silly Bandz, which I love, even though I usually despise silly bandz

5. A laptop, of which I slapped nerdy stickers on and named "Tyr"


and I still don't feel i got enough nerdy stuff...

1. Sonic Screwdriver

2. Harry Potter pop-up book

3. Dalek alarm clock. (It shouts stuff like "EXTEEEERMINATE!" when it goes off.)

OMG i want a sonic screwdriver! hahaha

1. The Harry Potter Film Wizardry Book!! which is amazing!

2. The Doctor Who visual encyclopedia haha

3. And the Hunger Games plus borders gift cards so i can buy more books!!

Serenitea, which is tea based on the show Firefly, a picture of Sheldon Cooper in a ball pit with "Bazinga" on it, and a Totoro hat. Ohhhhh yeaaaaah xD
a giantmicrobe Rhinovirus, and Flesh Eating Bacterium
french, russian, and portuguese language books. I love language, what can i say?
Harry Potter cookbook, and a Hogwarts accepted letter... telling me im not accepted..and my efforts at magic were "laughable at best"  but I do get to go visit and eat the feast of my choice :)

1. Harry Potter Film Wizardry (Which I completely read in one sitting. I kept shrieking happily and my family gave me a lot of odd looks)

2. A miniature sorting hat that works like a Magic 8 ball 

3. Toy Story 3 :D 

  • about 300 dollars for books(mostly manga since one needs so damned much of it!),
  • a subscription to shonen jump,
  • Teen Titans action figures. lol. Sadly, the leg fell off of my favourite character, Raven... Slade's leg fell off, too, but no one's gonna complain about that one.XD(I still can't figure out why their friggen legs keep falling off, though!) 
  • a Kingom Hearts necklace 
  • kingdom hearts: birth by sleep for PSP 
  • A PSP
  • a Death Note note book. 
  • And, if it counts, part of my x-mas dinner got to be pocky and ramune. haha.

Ahh, Omniscient Unknown Entity bless my nerdy family :D

The entire set of lord of the rings- box set, including the hobbit

1) A Marvel trivia book

2) A Marvel character encyclopedia

3) A Marvel notebook cover.

Geez, I wonder if people know I like comic books?

1. A printed out Glee Fan Fiction

2. A Lima Bean coffee mug

3. A Sherlock Holmes handbook


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