OK I got tons for nerdy stuff for Chrismas. Mostly Twilight and Harry Potter. List the 3 Nerdiest
things you got for X-mas.
1.Bella's bracelet from twilight
2. a kit full of harry potter stuff(scarfs,shirts,pins)
3.8 Twilight posters
Hahaha my room is FILLED with Twilight and harry potter stuff. Yea...I'm in love with books. But ALL nerdfighters are too!!!!!!Right?

EDIT: You guys are a little late with the x-mas stuff. :) oh yeah i kinda hate twilight now so all my twilight stuff got sold to my friends. Thx for the comments guys. <3

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1. All 6 Star Wars movies. (Since I moved out I needed my own set.
2. Two volumes of the Batman Chronicles.
3. Awesome Batman shirt.
4. Season 2 of Star Wars the Clone Wars.
I got a hard drive because I'm running out of room on my computer from all the awesome videos :)

I got red crosshatched-pattern pyjama's. And socks! Lots of socks.

I also got the hungergames for christmas, but I don't find that half as nerdy as the PJ's.

I got 2 Harry Potter posters, 2 John Green books and a Nikon. Which I find extremely amazing. :)

1. collector's edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

2. Harry Potter Film Wizardry
3. DFTBA merchandise


I know I'm a little late...

i got a death note t-shirt from my mom. i was totally suprised that she knew i liked death note.

1. An autobiography of John Muir

2. Super Mario Galaxy 2

3. Photoshop


In no particular order

A UNIT hat- that UNIT soldiers wear in Doctor Who :) And two Firefly books and a LOT of Doctor Who graphic novels.

1. a wand my Grandpa made for me

2. a couple of anime t-shirts and an anime bandana

3. a portable globe, just for fun

4. harry Potter silly Bandz, which I love, even though I usually despise silly bandz

5. A laptop, of which I slapped nerdy stickers on and named "Tyr"


and I still don't feel i got enough nerdy stuff...

1. Sonic Screwdriver

2. Harry Potter pop-up book

3. Dalek alarm clock. (It shouts stuff like "EXTEEEERMINATE!" when it goes off.)

OMG i want a sonic screwdriver! hahaha

1. The Harry Potter Film Wizardry Book!! which is amazing!

2. The Doctor Who visual encyclopedia haha

3. And the Hunger Games plus borders gift cards so i can buy more books!!

Serenitea, which is tea based on the show Firefly, a picture of Sheldon Cooper in a ball pit with "Bazinga" on it, and a Totoro hat. Ohhhhh yeaaaaah xD


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