the old test of "is the glass half empty or half full" seems so old fashioned now. So I propose a new test.

Does "FTW" stand for "for the win" or "f*ck the world"?

Which are you?

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Definitely "for the win". It sounds better and makes more sense. Although it's still not as awesome as French The Llama...
Me too!
I thought it was F*** the what! which makes no sense what so ever.
Not alone there... I actually say that for some things that are beyond 'wtf?'... It seemed to make sense in my mind... I think that of the two it is 'for the win'!
agreed i thought it was "f*** the what?" and i use it as F*** the What, when its something beyond what the f*** strange.
definately "for the win"
for the win on most days, unless I spend most of it watching my sports team lose, in which case it is f*** the world
Im a personal fan of
Frolick Thine Weather...
but that's just me.
ahhhh....well, I am going to conquer and unite the world so i can hardly give it the finger; but optimistic people annoy me.
It does! I, erm, may or may not have, uh, thought that too... at one point there... yeah
french the llama!
For the win.


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