I was going to hold off until the first of the year to make this thread, but I've seen that people are already searching for roommates. So to make it easier on everyone, fill out the info below and post it as a response to this thread. If you see someone you would like to roommate, reply to them saying you're interested and get in contact with them via private message. Once you have found your roommate(s), reply to your own post saying you have found your roommates, so that no one else replies to you thinking that you are still available. Hopefully that all makes sense.


Reply to this post with the following information:






VidCon Newbie or Alumni:

Favorite YouTuber:

Number of Roommates Looking For:

Gender of Roommate(s):

Age Range of Roommate(s):

Any Other Info You Feel is Important:

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Name: Matthew Price



Location: GA

VidCon Newbie or Alumni:Newbie

Favorite YouTuber: Phillip Defranco, EMT, jennamarbles, freddiew, sourcfed, FPSrussia.

Number of Roommates Looking For: Any number will do.

Gender of Roommate(s):I don't care if your male, femael, black, white, gay, or of other origins.

Age Range of Roommate(s): Ages 18 to 74.

Any Other Info You Feel is Important: I'm incredibly friendly, and I play the ukulele if that counts for anything. KCCO

Got a roommate!

Hey!! I'm looking for a room!!

Hey!! I'm looking for a room for thurs to sat hopefully I can be your roomie!!

Hello everyone! I'm quite in need of a room, so if anyone has space for one more in their room - it would be very much so appreciated!! 

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Location: California
VidCon Newbie or Alumni: Newbie
Favorite YouTuber: meekakitty, nanalew, charlie, vlogbrothers, and so on
Number of Roommates Looking For: any
Gender of Roommate(s): preferably female!
Age Range of Roommate(s): any
Any Other Info You Feel is Important: help in finding roommates would be appreciated!


Youtube Links!

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