Ok using the collective brilliance of Nerdfighteria, I have created an idea for a video blog that will be:
1) Fun to watch
2) fun to create
3) Decreasing WorldSuck
4) Educational
5) Community-based

Heres the background:
One day in Nerdfighter chat, I was eating pizza. Oh, how it was delicious. I was asked to share with the chatroom, then it hit me: what if the magic of the internet COULD make sharing pizza all over the world simple and easy?!

Then it was set in motion, I will combine my love of explaining things, my ability to decrease worldsuck, and my minimum wage job together.

Here’s the premise:
I will answer questions every vlog, as often as possible. These questions will be submitted by the Nerdfighter community and Youtube watchers at large, to my email account. Questions about anything. Literally anything. I'll do research if I have to. Scientific, Political, Personal, Mathematical, Philosophical, Empirical, Grammatical, Alchemical, Astronomical, and Theological Questions are accepted. (among many others).
The only unacceptable question is Rhetorical.

So after a few weeks I shall pick a favorite question. And subsequently a favorite questioner.
Then, in theory, two things will happen:
1) I will make a small monetary donation to the favorite charity of the questioner.

2) Using happy thoughts, the internet, and just a pinch of fairy dust, I will send the person a pizza. Yes. I will contact a local cheap pizza restaurant and order a cheap amount of cheap, but delicious, pizza.

Now there are a few barriers to this. First, is foreign country Pizza sharing. I live in the united states, and I do not know if another country will a) accept my order, and b) accept my USD dollars. This can be worked around, possibly ordering completely online. I may even create a new bank account and convert it to whatever currency I need on demand. Then there Is always the barrier of running out of funds, so we’ll have to cross that bridge when we get to it. It may also be difficult to pay for phone bills, but I’m not terribly worried about that. I could get an international phone card if need be. If all else fails, I will continue to answer questions and make donations, minus the pizza. Or should I just scrap the pizza part?

So that’s the plan.
Now to get started.

I will be creating my first video tonight, outlining my scheme.(EDIT: ningmasters happened, and i was too ovrcome with joy to do it tonight, sorry!) My channel is up, but empty as of yet. My email is up too! But empty. You folks need to send me questions!!! Just have “question” in the subject line. Personal questions are more likely to be answered, because they’re easy. But, they are less likely to be the winners of the month, because they are easy. So there’s the trade off.

Please leave any feedback here in this thread, and leave your questions at:
my youtube channel:

See you on the interwebs!

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That sounds yummy...
thanks everyone! so far i have only one question so get a move on!


I definitely want in! And keep the pizza!
Great Idea! Helpful AND deluscious! :)
AMAZING? Is it running yet?
It has been a month now, and still no videos :( shame on me.
im really trying to get this things started, more money will make it easier. monetary rescources will be coming soon to me, as well as more free time. I have the camera, anyone have a sugestion as to a decent and reasonably priced free video editing software?


Youtube Links!

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