As it is commonly known, poverty has always been associated with societies throughout the ages. Is it something that will be eternally? Is there any solution towards it?


Do you think based on modern political and economical advancements we will be able to generate  one day universal opulence? Some examples can include free trade and the rise of socialist ideals (The occupy ( random city) movement.. 



Or do you think it's a common difficulty societies will always face not matter what...



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We won't stop looking, although we've yet to find anything. We're going to try to put aside $5-10 every month until we can afford to send him to a doctor, because once he gets to a doctor, we'll have proof, and once we have proof, we get insurance, and once we have insurance, we can try to get him on SSI as well. We can't really afford to, but we can't afford not to either. 

Wow.   Just wow.  I wish I had that money to share with you.  Unfortunately, I don't.  Maybe another nerdfighter on here will be able to help?

Loxi make sure you keep filling out the social security paperwork and get a lawyer. There are some that will take your case without pay till you receive your settlement. Go to a county clinic. Most times they will see you and you can get your proof there. Anyway the reason I said to keep filling out the paperwork is because when you get it. You probably will in the end. they will back pay you from when you originally filled it out if you keep at it and don't let drop. I would have thought that autism would be on the automatic approval list. Good luck ma'am.

Thank you, but you misunderstand, I get SSI currently. However, I only receive a total of $75 after rent.

What we need is documentation for my husband's health problems, so that he can get medicaid and on SSI himself, and get badly needed care. The only county clinic around here is the one for those who are developmentally disabled or mentally ill. My husband has a range of serious physical issues, but nothing for which he could see the mental health clinic. Since last week one of his medical problems took a turn severely for the worse, but we were also told of a private free clinic that may be accepting new patients soon. Now it's just a matter of which goes first, it could be as soon as this month that the clinic could see him, but with what's happened recently, that may be too late.  When I last posted here, it wasn't quite this serious, but now... well, if you have a faith, add us to your prayers? 

Hope added.

Good luck sweetie for you and your hubby.


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