I just posted on the students' bill of rights [[which is a VERY important thing for every public school student to know]] and now I'm kind of in a mood. So, here we go! Your thoughts on the public school system.

Put quite simply, I hate it. It is so full of double-standards and hypocrisy and, I'd say, definitely increases suck levels in the world. Or, at least the country, as I don't know what public school is like in other countries.
They tell you to be creative but give you such a strict format that any form of originality is impossible. You are either punished for having an unoriginal idea or are punished for breaking format in order to create an original project. If you have been taught the Jane Schaffer essay-writing format, you will know precisely what I am talking about.
We are told that individuality is important, but every time we try to express ourselves, we are turned down, told that we need to quiet down and listen to what the teacher has to say. If I disagree with my teacher, I am either ignored or punished.
My school instated an official note-taking policy my tenth-grade year. Seriously. If you didn't take Cornell notes [after three years of having the format shoved down my throat it still makes no sense to me, so google it if you don't know of it]] you were docked points. Now, I think it's pretty much a given that not everyone's brain works in the same way. Therefore, not everyone thinks in the same way. Therefore, not everyone learns in the same way. After trying the Cornell format [which, I admit, is probably an effective study tool for SOME students] I decided that I learned better taking notes my own way and returned to that. I got in trouble for using a more effective learning method. Finally, I decided to screw grades, let them dock points if they wanted, but I was going to learn in my own way. And, lo and behold, I graduated with high honors, without the help of Cornell notes.
It is also so easy to get lost in the system. I took chemistry and did not do well in it. I will be the first to admit that math and science are not my strong points, but the job of a teacher is to help their students learn, no matter their abilities... or so I thought. Apparently, all teachers are supposed to do is put the information on the board, say "Good luck", and ridicule those who don't understand.
My chemistry teacher called me stupid, worthless, or otherwise found some other way to ridicule me in front of the class at least once a week. I was not singled out; this was the case with many students. One friend of mine was so stressed out and [for lack of a better word] upset by this teacher's actions that he actually started to cut himself. He had to get a note from a psychiatrist saying that his mental health was in danger for as long as he stayed in that class.
Do you know what the school did? Absolutely nothing. They didn't even speak to this teacher. A student started CUTTING HIMSELF because of her and they didn't even call her in for a chat. I filed two complaints with this woman in one week. They said they'd get back to me as soon as possible. I graduated last week without ever hearing back.
This teacher was given free reign with her students, literally terrorizing them into asthma attacks, panic attacks, reducing them to tears, and leading them into destructive behaviors, and no one even batted an eye. Why? My chemistry teacher had been there ten years. The only way she would get into trouble was by sleeping with a student.
This woman nearly destroyed a life and got away with it because of how broken and cracked and apathetic the public school system is. They tell us that if we ever need anything, to come to them, and when we actually do need them, they are nowhere to be found.
I'm so glad to be rid of it. Anyone else? Agree? Disagree?

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I know! I have a friend who was holding his mom's prozac to give to her after school and he got expelled because they said he was selling drugs. Ugh.

and holy crap! Thats totally bogus! [[the diploma thing]]


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