I've played this game with my friend Abird (hit her up here) and it's a lot of fun so here goes.

one person will ask a random, totally out of the blue question. the next person will answer it and then ask their own random question.


If you were a colored pencil, what color would you be?

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Im an alien queen from a Galaxy far, far away. 

Your memory has been erased.

Can I ask you a question?

only if you *zap* what was i saying?

I dont know...


what is the best color?


What is the best number?

as sheldon said 73.


which is the best dog?

havanese <3


What's the best name for a koala bear?



Jennifer Somers Walker - cant you read? :P


how old are you?

Being a deity, I'm as old as the stars.

Why arent you WORSHIPPING ME?

because im an athiest. :)


what religion are you?


Why am I an Asatru?

because you want to be hopefully.


why did i have a dream about writing an english essay last night.


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