Nerdfighters a really bad idea. To me, who's not the least interested in the chat, they're just annoying. This would be a tolerable feature if it was muteable, but it isn't! They're still there even if you've got the volume turned down as much as you can! Please fix this (if you implemented it) or request of the main network to fix this.

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Yeah, I think you just failed at clicking mute because mute is working fine for me.
Holy shit that's annoying as hell. I can't leave this website open while I do other shit now, and I can't listen to music or watch a movie with the site open. Who's fucking idea was this?
...and now the sound is off. The speaker icon in the chat isn't crossed over, by the way.

Maybe it was a Greater Ning thing and they corrected it.
For me all I have to do is disconnect from the chat. But it's still annoying because now I have this annoying bar on the bottom of the screen taking up my valuable netbook screen space... And I didn't even connect to the chat in the first place...
Someone (I can't remember his name! :S) said this was a problem related to the Ning being opened in multiple windows (you had to mute it in all windows for it to work, one wasn't enough). Fortunantly it remembered my settings (muted) for when I reopened it, so now the problem is gone.
Yeah. I usually go on here on my iPod but the other day I had the website up while I was multitasking and I kept thinking "where the f is that coming from?!" until I noticed the chat thing and put it on mute.
i wondered what on earth that god-awful sound was. well, now i know... *bangs head against monitor*
Silence it and reopen the page and it should go away.
thank you, you have just saved me countless hours of tinkering with my pc....

Does ANYONE, even those using chat, actually want to hear that noise every time someone says something?

Why should I have to go and turn off the sound in chat every time I open the Ning AND every time I open a new window? Make off the default, or let me turn it off for once and for all!


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