My name's Sacha and I'm starting a blog called THIS IS LOVE in association with Three O' Clock press (

THIS IS LOVE is a compilation blog that will feature short stories and essays by teenagers about love. If any teenage nerdfighters are interested, drop me a comment, message, wall post, etc!

EDIT: No content yet, but here's the site

EDIT: I added a short intro and a picture of my friends shoes. So I have something up, at least.

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That sounds really interesting. People usually don't take teenage romance seriously.
Thanks for thinking it's interesting :) What we're looking for are pieces about teens in love, but also pieces about how teen perceive love.
Oooh!! This sounds super cool. Maybe I'll be able to think of something for you! But, I have yet to find love XD
:) Anything is welcome! (well, not anything, but still)
This looks really interesting, it'll be really interesting to see different people perspectives of love.
Are the articles/essays/short stories specificly about romantic love or any love?
Any love, really. I'm really desperate for more content on the blog, would you like to submit a piece?
Thank you so, so much. Love is just something that you can't run out of things to say about.

If you have a piece or idea, drop me a message, k? :)


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