I just got done watching the season finale and I want to hear your reactions. Mine was:

*finishes watching episode* 'HOLY SONIC SCREWDRIVER! BEST... EPISODE ... EVER... so far :)

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I loved it! At one point of the series (i have to admit), I started getting a feeling that Doctor had to die. But as the finale progressed, I just knew that he couldn't die. I mean, the meeting with the robot (sorry, forgot the name of the people inside of it) and seeing Riversong in the astronaut suit, I just knew that Moffat was gonna save the wonderful Doctor. I'm not too sure about the wedding, though, between the Doctor and Riversong.

I'm very interested though in how the Doctor can become less involved and more in the "shadows" in the next series. I'm trying to imagine the Doctor not getting into trouble, but I can't seem to imagine it. He gets way too distracted and interested in whatever situation surrounding him.

All in all though, I really enjoyed this episode and it was a pretty good ending to this series. PLUS, Moffat didn't give too much away in the series finale so he still has some material to work on.

some people saw the first question coming, but not me.  but that's because i missed, (or it wasn't really clarified) that 'silence will fall' when he asks the question (weird that he'd be asking right?) in a specific place. 

no, seriously, people have been asking it for a it implying that he'll lose his way?  or that he'd want to know what it means to others that he calls himself the Doctor?  fun episode, and the whole 'hidden in plain sight' was clever, but it leaves me more confused

{and this is new to your experience with the show, how?}

Yeah, I saw the question coming from miles away, but I was half-kidding because "Doctor who?" can't be the oldest question in the universe. And I thought that it had been asked too many times beforehand for it to be THE question.

I dont think the problem is the question being asked, it's the question being answered that the silence is trying to stop.


I'm still confused! Why does Madam Kovarian want to kill The Doctor? How did River escape Madam Kovarian? What about all the years that The Doctor and River spend together? And River DOES know the Doctor's name (Silence in the Library), so when does he tell her that?

Well of course, I'll love the Doctor in his mad ways, and how he manages to cheat death but it didn't leave me reeling in my seat. Though the 2 friends I called would probably disagree :P 

Some things weren't so surprising because 2 friends and I were in a race to finish the 2005-2011 seasons. I lost -__-... What can I say, I needed sleep!! So I knew he married River, and the question. 

Speaking of River, I agree with Molly. I just...I felt like he left his heart with Rose in the other universe. Or maybe I'm just being a selfish fan girl, hoping he'll never fall for anyone again. But-but, when he was dying in Let's Kill Hitler, and he asks the interface to take the form of someone he likes, the FIRST one it goes to was Rose! And I squealed :P I just...It'll be interesting to see what they do in season 7, and I can't wait!


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