Any other nerdfighters writing books? What's it called, where are you in the writing process, and when do you plan to be done?

I'll go first: my book is titled Realms Quintessential: The Book of Earth, I am currently editing the book (on its 4th chapter), and I plan to have it out by August.



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My first full-length novel is called Finding Charlotte Newman.  I finished it over a year ago, but am still working on editing/rewriting...and who knows when that's going to be done.

I'm in the process of publishing my second book, Withered Rose.

I'm trying to pay very close attention to the market for physical young adult books, either in paperback or Hardback for it to hit shelves. Borders closing made the market drop, of course, but the Hunger Games festivities are making it skyrocket. Expecting it to come out late April for the e-book, but mid- to late May for the physical copies.

I'm writing a book called We Rise And Fall Together. I'm going to write chapter 4 soon, and have all the way up to chapter 9 planned out. I hope to have the first draft finished by the end of August. No idea when I'll be done editing it - most likely a few years. I really think this is a book I'm going to publish. :)


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