I use the word Nyarg a LOT. Where did I pick it up??? Urban Dictionary! Apparently you can say it whenever and wherever you want, and it can mean ANYTHING! Is there anyone else out there who says NYARG??? or am I the only one?

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I say NARG all the time; it's not quite NYARG but it's pretty close.
that is AWESOME! Finally I have communicated with another individual who uses a nyarg-like word!!! So... do you use it like I do, just as an all-purpose word? I really do wonder where the word nyarg/narg originated... maybe it's part of some long lost meme...

I don't know where it came from.  I use it as an all purpose word that encompasses many different emotions and feelings. 

Where did I come from? I don't remember ever starting to say it... I just remember always saying it.

Yay! NYARG! That's so NYARG! What an awesome word! :D
Another Narg sayer?  Seriously?  For so long I though I was the only one, then I answered this question.... :D


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