The World Sucks, so why does no one do anything about it?

Ok, so I know the title of this is not true, plenty of people do something about it. I know there are thousands of charities out there doing great work and that lots of people dedicate their lives to helping, but I can't help but think, why arn't we doing more?
I don't know about anyone else but everytime I spend money, or waste time, or obsess over something stupid I feel so much guilt. It is a regular everyday occurence and I can't help but hate they way I just live my life day after day doing nothing when all these terrible things are happening. I mean, I volunteer and fundraise lots and I have been to Zambia with a charity, but even then I felt like it was a self indulgent trip.
I have been reading lots of online articles tonight about poor working conditions and slavery in the clothing industry tonight which may explain my negative mood, but I was just wondering, is there anyone else out there that feels like everyone in this world is just crazy?
There isn't really much point to this discussion, I would just like to hear some people's opinions on poverty and slavery and the state of the world and why it is in that state.

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I understand entirely.

After I'd spent some time volunteering in a clinic and in a place that helps children with mental illness and emotional problems (normally stemming from some abuse in their younger childhood) I started getting really into researching different problems. I read about modern-day slavery and about starvation and poverty, not just in these horrible, imaginary-lands far away across the sea, but in our own backyard. And... I stopped being able to eat. I just started feeling sick when I looked down at my food and thought about these children I'd seen pictures of whose stomachs are so bloated they have stretch marks. Hunger honestly wouldn't even come, but after a day and a half I'd know I HAD to eat, so I would. But I'd feel horrible doing it.

What you have to realize is that you personally not doing something like eating food or worrying about romantic problems or something has absolutely no affect on the other problems in the world. Your own life is what you are primarily responsible for, it is not your actual duty to care for the rest of the world. It's something everyone should do anyway, but it does no good to feel guilty when concentrating on your own life instead of someone else's. It doesn't help anyone in trouble to pity them, either. Just take action and accept that the world is the way it is, and we can only try to make it better. It's never going to be perfect, not even slightly. Even if we solve the huge problems of today, we cannot yet fully anticipate the huge problems of tomorrow. It's just a huge race to try to help out our fellow man.
Thanks for replying, what you said makes total sense. I just can't help thinking that buying things in a particular shop could be doing harm. I guess all we can really do is try everything in our power to change things. :)
and they do. try to change you habbits if you can but if not then it's out of your power.
of course there is a whole discussion about consumer power versus political activism. i say both.
try not to buy slave produced products from big box stores but also agitate for changes in law and regulation.
here is a guy and a bunch of people who helped me with my shopping adiction. a very small one but still.
he also cheers me up no end and makes me laugh.
he is a former and still actor who developed this televangelist persona to make people aware of sweatshop conditions and now has a gospel choir and band behind them
great fun in a good cause.
if you go to music and the actuall cd you can hear most of the songs.
this is a documentary they made touring the country a few years ago.
those are all people fed up with thins using there talents for change as well as trying to live and behave differently.
Thanks so much for the links :)
I think the world is doing pretty well. Yeah, it ain't perfect but it could be so much worse. I'm being pretty optimistic.
If the world didn't suck we would all fall off. Still, the world DOES suck. And I TOTALLY agree with you. We could do a lot more.
I honestly don't get why people think that enjoying yourself sometimes and obsessing over whatever the hell you want is so bad. I mean, it's not like if you stop playing Halo 4 hours a day, world hunger will magically end. I feel no guilt about the things I do because I've realized that even if I stopped spending so much time on the computer, world problems wouldn't go away. I can't travel. I have no money to donate. American-made clothes are hideous and rare. If at school, they're asking for donations for a worthwhile charity, I'll pitch in some (or all) of my lunch money. If a store that sold American-made (or at least ethically-made) clothes opened by me that had things other than metallic spandex bodysuits, I'd make an effort to shop there. However, I am very into politics and I think that most of these problems would be solved if America put restrictions on the labor that American companies have to use. All they'd have to do is say that American businesses must follow American employment laws and food would be fair-trade and factories would at least be safe. If I get famous or become at least somewhat powerful, I will do everything I can to influence leaders to make companies that I buy from use fair labor.
it's hard not to loose optimism. i myself have great difficulties in that area.
here are some people that i admire for what they are doing. of course they started of small and are still fairly small but have good and interesting things to say that encompass many problems such as hunger, poverty, food sovereinty , the environment ectr. they probably are cheerfull because they are doing something however small toward their goals.
what is quite different from denial and partying like it's 1999 which seems to be the alternative quite often.
everybody at greenpeace
these people all cheer me up and while i am not able to do much myself they remind me that there are people doing things and that it is possible.
don't beat yourself up though for not being perfect. some of us are more prone to guilt then others but do try to channel these feelings into a positive direction.
mybe what you did was self indulgent. most of us don't do thigs just to be good but because we have a personal interest. surely the doing matters.
i feel that the whole world is crazy and totaly srewed up. yes. but what are you gonna do. we must make the best of it.

as for slavery and non fairtrade conditions. that has been driving me mad for decades. and most people are ignorant, don't care or believe that this is all for the best.

don't beat yourself up for being more caring and concious than average. just fid a way to really do something that you feel is worthwhile, possibly dedicate your life to it so you don't chocke on this.

here is a good excample why and how things are very wrong.
to change this as well almost of the inequallities in the world we need a fundamental system change.
Hey thanks so much for replying, the links are great and have made me feel much happier about what i can do. I may not change the world but at least I could make a difference to someone xx
that is probably all most of us can do. i am glad to find them helpfull.
The world does suck and despite what anyone else says it is our fault. However it is not your fault or anyone else's alone. It is a collective thing and we are all responsible. The conditions in Africa can be directly linked to colonization and most poor countries are poor because of first world countries. We get what we want through exploitation and every global deal is a shady deal. You must understand that politics is nothing more then a charade. The important people that truly effect the world are corporations and banks. We have the resources to fix the world, but not enough people will take the time to do it. We are all slaves to money and we all work endlessly to pay off what seems like an endless debt. The only people that benefit from this system are the ones making the profit at the top, ex: banks and corporations. They do not care about us, they care about maximizing profit. Do you think they care if jobs go overseas? No, they are the ones putting them there. Do you think they care if people starve? No, they are the ones that turn countries into cash crop countries like Jamaica. All the people you are told are terrorists often times are just fighting for their people. Look at Castro, he wanted to give land back to the Cubans and get rid of American corruption. Look at Gaddafi who wanted to turn oil revenues into things to help his people. He built one of the largest water pipelines in the world. Now of course these people sometimes do things that are wrong, ex: Gaddafi and the discotheque bombing in Berlin. However, America is just as guilty of terrorism. Ronald Regan responded to the discotheque bombing by ordering air strikes on civilian cities in Libya. Ronald Regan killed innocent people just like all the terrorists you read about. However, none of this needs to happen and the only way the world will ever change is if enough people step out of their stupid, trivial ,mundane lives of ignorance and stand against the whole entire system. lol, I totally sound like a conspiracy theorist, but even they make more sense then the officials most of the time. You need to know that the problem is not a lack of food or war in the smaller countries. Those are sub-problems. The main issue that needs to be solved is the mindset of the masses. Unless that changes the world is lost. That is not an exaggeration either. If nothing is done, then everything is lost.


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