There is a picture of Hank Green in a gold speedo somewhere and we are going to find it.

In Hank's most recent video he talks about The Rocky Horror Picture Show and how he was in a production of it and if you click through the links at the end you find out that he played Rocky. He says that there aren't any pictures on the internet of this but I refuse to accept this. Some where out there there are pictures and probably video of a young Hank dancing around in gold underwear and we are going to find it.

Now he doesn't mention where or when this was but I think that it is safe to assume that it was while he was in college, either a production his school did or at a theater near by. Hank went to Eckerd College in St. Petersburg Florida in the Tampa Bay area. I've checked the school website and they don't have anything besides what was done in the last few years posted so...start digging around, I know we can do this!

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I don't know if thats something I want to see.... but it would be great xD people do weird things in school


We can and will find this... DFTBA!

In his video about Riff Raff Hank mentions but cuts out audio of the persons name who played Riff Raff. If someone could read his lips and find out the name, we could potentially have some evidence. This person is apparently a PhD and is going/went to law school. He could be a clue!!


Riff Raff Video

Could someone email them and ask if Rocky Horror was done in the 1990's? If yes, then they should ask if they have any photos of the play or if they still have a list of the actors. That could help a lot!
Do we know what year the production was?

Perhaps if we enlisted John, he could get scans. If there are no digital copies... 

Or maybe if their all Nerdfighters who went to Eckerd around that time who have old yearbooks?


*mutters to self*brainstorms*

we need to find that picture


Well I live in Clearwater FL(part of the Tampa Bay area) so i can always look out for it

I recently stumbled across this and can i just say this is why I love Nerdfighteria :)


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