I live in Canada it's November I'm drinking eggnog and it's warm enough out to wear sandals and shorts.

I'm no climatologist but I think there's something wrong here.

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it's been changed to climate change because global warming is confusing to people.
the warming and melting of glaciers and icecaps does not neccesarily mean warmer weather but more iratic weather, more storms , more extreme weather.
having said that the weather here in ireland has been strange the last few years.
a. very stormy, winterlike storms in summer. it's almost always windy but it has been worse.
b. springflowers blloming in autumn after very early turning of leaves.
c. some flowers blloming through the winter even though the last one was unusually snowy and icy.
d. a general sense of strangeness that makes your hair stand on end and wonder about the end of the world.


Very nice.

Another thing, while a warm day doesn't necessarily mean Global Warming, it works both ways. The unusually cold summer we just had does not refute Global Warming.
where do you live?
cause its cold in this part of Canada. ( B.C )
I live in N.S.


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