Anything at all! Have fun guys.


-Caught stealing the secretaries M & M's. You are fired.

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Stole the petty cash fund and sent it to a "Nigerian Prince" you met on line. You are fired.
what made you say Nigerian ?
Caught plotting to take over the world when you were supposed to be finishing those spread sheets. You are fired.
Ate my lunch and replaced it with a moose with anxiety disorder. You are fired (and so is the moose).
Ah, a fellow Canadian.
I hate your Bacon
you love our bacon.

and that is why you are fired.

You drink water on a daily basis. You are fired.

Busted as head of an underground stapler ring. So that's where they all went...
Found on the roof with a hippopotamus eating all the cake instead of working. You are fired (obviously).
It was the only way I could keep him from destroying all our cubicles... THE HIPPO WANTED CAKE AND IT WANTED IT NOW.
The hippo is a lie.


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