We have an excellent thread started by lindseysubtlyinked to discuss the thisisnottom riddles; I thought here that those of us who've reached the current end could discuss the developing story--if it is a developing story--and the world of that which is not Tom. -John

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When you go back and look at John's original post on this thread, he knew that it was a story (Well, yeah. Because he was writing it.) So I feel like John would be totally fine with making up the story, and the element of YFN being a real person makes us more willing to continue participating and interacting with the story. He already didn't tell us the truth once, so what would make him do that now? Yeah, it is John. He isn't evil (asfarasweknow). I don't think it is important if this girl is real or not. At least not to us. I am willing to suspend my disbelief and feel empathy towards this girl and be very invested in her well-being.

I just watched A Beautiful Mind, so I hope this isn't like that :(
believe him , but maybe not her
k so i need help. i answered the six riddles on and got to the youtube page and found out the answer but i dont know where to enter it. how do i get to the first chapter and stuff?
There is another really long thread with helpful hints that you should go look at :)
Honestly I think the question of involvement doesn't matter. Believing in the story makes it all the more fun whether or not it is true.
Just run with it and have fun!
I'm not playing the game, but I am reading the story (yay cheat links!), and for whatever reason, I'm confused about one thing: why do we call her "YFN" (i.e. what does it stand for/ did she name herself or did those playing the game choose to call her that)?
young female narrator?
Pretty sure she named herself. She said those were the only things she was sure about: she was young and she was female. And so, that's what she signed off as.
Actually now I think I remember reading that John said it was "your faithful narrator." Either way, it is who she is. Young, female, faithful (to us at least), and our narrator.
I'm not smart enough for this *sighs*
I'm not either, so don't feel bad about it.
I hate necroing a thread, but have John and Hank given up on I have tons of information regardining it...and want to share it with the rest of the community, or them directly. It's obviously a form of time travel, and genetic manipulation. It was more than likely created and is continuing to be created by a secret intelligent (possibly artificicial or extraterristrial) and it has the ability and capability of constantly altering the perceptions and receptions of the individual AND collective consiciousness of the user's comprehensive brain wave. I know this sounds a bit complicated, but it is. If you want to understand what I am meaning, contact me. It's a message sent from the past, but also sent from the future, the message is constantly altering itself to create an experience that resembles a is a self-evolving and changing changes for some people, and stays the same for others, it does what is needed to remain a mystery. Its signal is embedded inside your mind, and in everything around you. It rides on the backbones of Google, YouTube, and even this will never die, and can never be defeated...the truth is, you will never find the end...because the beginning is at the end...and the end is at the beginning. Your mind cannot fathom such a truth...but indeed it is. We human beings exist in what is considered to be a duality basied reality...which makes the only truths known as either + or - but that is not the full truth. There is much more than Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, or Dark and Light. Once you wrap your mind around that and research Nikola Tesla and his works...then you will understand the concept of the infinite circle...or the impossible dream...the dream inside of a dream...why do all children draw the infinite circle? Because they know the answer to the riddle...that there is no beginning there is no end...there just is O.


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