It's a pretty simple game. Name two things that are fairly similar (Mac or PC; Coke or Pepsi; etc) the next person chooses one of the two and that person  states a this or that.




Coke or Pepsi


(next person)



Mac or PC


(next person)



Chocolate or Vanilla



I'll start


Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network?


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Animalistic. Animals are sweet :D

Cookies or Brownies?
Awesome. Both are great but I tend to use awesome more

Peacoat or ski jacket?
Ski Jacket, more warmth :)

Coffee or Tea?
coffee, but it's got 3 sugars and is 1/3 milk.

Ben 10 or Generator Rex?
Ben 10, cause Ben grows up to be kinda hot for a cartoon. Plus, I actually know what it is XD
This is a bit harsh but:
No sight or no arm AND no leg
(Btw, bloodalchemist, have you watched brotherhood?)
No sight but a hard thing to choose from

Insomniac or naughty dog

yogurt or jello?
Yes I have, the original and the manga were better. I just liked the pacing better. But on the plus side, Ling's fighting scenes were AMAZNING.

2b or not 2b
monogaous relationship because you can laugh with a one night stand also i'm 13 so a one night stand wouldn't do me much good lol

while you were sleeping or 10 things i hate about you
What? Neither.

Mangos or guavas?


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