It's a pretty simple game. Name two things that are fairly similar (Mac or PC; Coke or Pepsi; etc) the next person chooses one of the two and that person  states a this or that.




Coke or Pepsi


(next person)



Mac or PC


(next person)



Chocolate or Vanilla



I'll start


Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network?


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Contacts. I'm soooo happy that I no longer have to wear my glasses every day, as much as I like them.


Left handed or right handed?

Left handed because I am right handed and I wonder what it would be like to be left handed.


Guitar or Banjo?

Guitar. Only because I can sort of play it. But I do love Dueling Banjos :)


Also, being a lefty is kind of frustrating. Unless you're using a sextant...


Spring or Fall?

Fall, my birthday!


Dragons or Bunnies?

DRAGONS, because who doesn't want a fire breathing 4 ton lizard that can fly and crush things.


Fire or Ice?

trailer. i can feel like a movie star!


be forced to listen to Justin"Never gonna hit puberty" Beiber for a year or forced to listen to Hannah " bipolar hooker" Montana for a year?


Never gonna hit puberty.


Laptop or desktop?


friends i am new

one here expect my





hi josnan, welcome to the nerdfighteria :)

desktop, because it could be upgraded, laptops however..


cute fuzzy dragons or evil giant fire-breathing bunnies?

cute fuzzy dragons.




FTL of course!


Pirates or Cowboys?

FRENCH THE LAMA of course.


Monkeys or Apes?


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