It's a pretty simple game. Name two things that are fairly similar (Mac or PC; Coke or Pepsi; etc) the next person chooses one of the two and that person  states a this or that.




Coke or Pepsi


(next person)



Mac or PC


(next person)



Chocolate or Vanilla



I'll start


Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network?


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East coast!


stop or go?

STOP, I wish the world would stop and freeze in a moment, I just want to know how would it be.


shot in the arm or have your leg cut?

Shot in the arm, as long as I could still use it later...


Eat cat vomit or vomit a cat?

Vomit a cat as long as the cat is a newborn kitten and is therefore very small.


Lose your ability to see or lose your ability to hear?

Ability to see. Hearing is amazing (music, friendly voices, movies, and the sound of your own voice) but I could live without seeing... Having a cane isn't so bad.


Be stung by 100,000 bees or swim with hungry hammerhead sharks?

Swim with hungry hammerheads. Mainly because even then I have a higher chance of living where as I'll die from just 1 bee sting.


Allergic to dairy or allergic to nuts?

I'm not allergic to either, but I'd prefer to be allergic to nuts. Dairy is too broad of a category.


Miley Cyrus or a terminal illness?

Haha. Just kidding.

Pee a marble or shit a bowling ball?

shit a bowling ball (somehow, i think it's less painful)


Zombie apocalypse or natural disaster apocalypse? (you will die in both cases)

disaster apoc. i watch too many shows about post- apoc living, so i wont die.


peanut butter in your underwear or peanut butter in your hair ( both of these have to stay there until they dry. whiich is a while:)


In my underwear. You didn't specify if it was the pair I already had on. : )


Live in Orwell's dystopia, or in Huxley's "utopia"? In both cases, you can see beyond what you're shown. 

Since I don't know from either of those two I will go with the utopia because it starts with a vowel.


Dumbledore or Merlin?

Contacts. I'm soooo happy that I no longer have to wear my glasses every day, as much as I like them.


Left handed or right handed?


Youtube Links!

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