This We Believe- calling on nerdfighters ages 5-16

For a school project me and some other nerdfighters are making a film called This We Believe. Our school is filled with decepticons whose brains are little more than rotted fruit so we can't interview them. If anyone interested could email video clips of themselves talking about their beliefs to, it would be greatly appreciated. No need to edit, we'll do that for you. Please send clips to us by August 7. If you got your friends and siblings to do it too, that would be great.

If you need help, look at these questions:
- How do you think people should treat each other?
- How do you want the world to change?
- What are some virtues/values you believe in?
- What things in the world do you want to stay the same?
- What do you see going on around you locally? Globally?
- What kinds of rights do you think youth should have?
- Why do you believe these things?

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No, those questions were just to help you think if you're stumped. If you already know your beliefs, ignore them.

And, we did interview some decepticons, in fact, we've spent two weeks interviewing them. All we get is "ummmmm"s and "NOOOO! DELETE IT! I LOOK UGLY"s. So, as you can see, we need the nerdfighters' help. Thank you, we like *cough*except sydney*cough* like the project.

Yes, Quicktime works.
nope, long as you want, don't make it an essay though(try to cap it off at around 3-5 minutes max.)
thanks, it's appreciated
Okay, I thought I had posted earlier, but it apparently seems not to exist here. So when I find my camera and load off all the pictures on there I'll get a video to you.
please get it to us by June 7. If you have a webcam, that's also fine.
*reads on June 12th* crap
I extended the date, it's a personal project now. Go ahead and do it. :)
yea, sorry but because of all the mayhem of finals I haven't really had time to record a video.
We want to make a longer version of it, so if you could do it anyway...
Dang it! If I had known about this earlier today, I'd love to do this! Ah but alas, it is too late...
If you send it to me tomorrow it would be great!
I'm 17...


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