So like many of you nerdfighters I am a writer and lately I have been looking through all the groups and discussions and tons of them are for writers. So I was thinking we could all join together (even the people who are not writers) to create one big book then when it is done publish it and give it to the VlogBrothers, as a thank you present for all their hard work, and maybe we could make a few copies for ourselves. Now the proses of writing this book will be done over in this discussion so that writers from all over can join. Now first order of business we need a title. I would like it to be a title that anything could come from just in case we have plot changes or anything but I would also like it to be a title that people will see and think wow I might want to read that book. I would like the title of the book to be picked by next week. So start posting titles today and i will pick the one that everyone likes the most (so if you see a title you like tell me). Then a first chapter name which i would like to have about three days after we choose the title. Then every couple of days i will add lines (created by you) onto the book. I will give you updates of what the book looks like through this same discussion so you know where the characters are and what lines I have chosen. I will also write down your names so I can put you in as the writers. I do not have a specific deadline but i would like this to take less than a year. Please help me i could never make a book good enough to give to the vlog brothers alone so all of nerdfighteria UNIGHT!



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you should probably have the book's plot before the title. It's better to have to mold the title to fit the book than to mold the book to fit the title

I know this isn't what you had in mind, but it might be cool to collect short stories, it may be easier to get more input from more writers that way, and (since there are A lot of nerdfighters) vote on which ones we like best to include in the book. Or just send Hank and John a REALLY big book! It could also be cool to intersperse the stories/chapters with visual art so non-writer members of nerdfighteria could be included in the project. 


Just a few thoughts :) This is a very cool idea!

1 i really really like your idea samatha and it would be great (and i would participate) if you made a group or blog or something for that i just dont want to steal your idea by making my own group and using your idea.

and i guess your right john i should have thought this a little bit more through so maybe from now on we can do titles/plots so if its a title we really like we can base a plot around it and if its a plot we can base a title around it

I love the short story idea, I'll be sure to contribute to it!
Ya heck with my idea Samanthat tell me if you do that i would love to write a short story and maybe we could do something online with it too so singers and musicians can contribute like a website for it

if you want to get musicians involved, you could write a song about some of the best short stories; like what Hank did with Looking for Alaska.

This is such an exciting project! I'm looking forward to being a part of the group. I'm busier than a one legged man in a butt-kicking contest with school stuff, but I'll contribute as much as I can!

The songs idea raises a good point, is there a digital format we could collect all of this type of stuff in so that we can get as many different mediums as possible involved in our great big awesome gift to John and Hank? A website might be kind of cool.

ok my idea 1. put out a new group with samanthas idea and a website in mind 2. get nerdfighters! 3 get stories photography poetry songs recordings drawing ect. 4 start website/book by gathering and putting in stuff we need a title for the website/book 5. get a hold of the vlogbrothers then give it to them!

This sounds like an excellent plan! (Late reply is late). I don't know where to start with building a website like this, mostly because I'm not exactly (see nowhere near) internet savvy. I can navigate things, that's about it. Where would we start pulling this together? Collecting material, start a group on this forum? Get opinions from more nerd-fighters who might have a better sense of direction?

It occurs to me that we could do something even more nerdfighter-ish with the end product of this. Say, inviting people to donate when they read/view the website or contribute to it, and then putting the money towards something that will seriously decrease world suck. As for the timing of the project, perhaps we could make it into a present for Hank and John next Christmas (not this year, but next year) or sort of a joint Birthday thing... I don't know.

OK i feel so bad i havent been on here in forever but ya we should still do this like i also have no internet savvyness so i cant help thier and i think we should do another post or something to let nerdfighteria know and then maybe we can find some nerfighters that are good with the internet and such and ya i like it as a christmas gift cause then it will be directed to both of them. im so sorry this is like 4 months late. I hope u r still up to doing this!!!!


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