I know there are other discussions about, but I wanted to start one that is just for hints, NOT answers. Please do not post answers, as that takes the fun out of it.

I'm currently stuck on the George Washington one.

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I'm stuck on the Zed anyone?
Your hints: Capitalization, codes and ISBN.
i just figured this one out. it's brilliant
i've been trying the numbers but there are only 13 numbers in an isbn and i found 19 numbers in the poem
that makes no sense what do u mean?
Anyone need any help? Want to help?
Stuck on number three...I've checked the page sources and seen the clues in the address and I'm stumped.
is that the one with philip seymour hoffman, steve martin and some other guy?
Yes...I read a little too far into someone's hints and I managed to figure it out! Now I'm on the Zed poem, but I think I'm on the right track...we'll see!
That other guy is mentioned in Jonathan Coulton's song "Screwed".

You should be able to get it from Philip Seymour Hoffman and Steve Martin. In fact, I didn't know who the third guy was until after I'd solved that part.
i can't figure it out. can you give another hint for this one?
So, the three men - Philip Seymour Hoffman, Steve Martin, and Meatloaf - were in a movie together. Go to to find out what movie they were in.


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