Because I can't find anywhere else this is being discussed, other than Hank's Facebook status, and I think we should stop spamming the poor guy :P

I'm stuck on the zed poem and have no ideas. Someone said something about ISBN, but I don't know where they got that.

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when you have a song, what do you normally do with it?
Oh. I feel stupid now.
Haha! Success. Finally.
I just realized that I never actually listened to the song myself, I just looked at the lyrics, lol
I listened to the song.. i'm starting to doubt i've got the right one tho
You're thinking too hard. You've already got the answer.

What do you do to a song generally?
you listen to it?
Indeed you do.
wow thanks XD i got it
THANK YOU. Finally got it.
can anyone help me with the videos? i feel so stupid, but I'm stuck.
Don't worry, that one took me longer than any of the others, and everyone said it was easy.

Have you found all the YouTube videos in the clue? If not, somebody left a very helpful comment on the isthistom's video.

It has something to do with the minutes and seconds.


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