Because I can't find anywhere else this is being discussed, other than Hank's Facebook status, and I think we should stop spamming the poor guy :P

I'm stuck on the zed poem and have no ideas. Someone said something about ISBN, but I don't know where they got that.

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OH lawd.

I'm stuck on the zed poem also. Grrrrr.

Oh: John's doing a live show about it right now.
me too :(
pay attention to the capitalized letters and the ones right after them
they represent numbers...does that help?
I didn't give Thisisnottom much of a look, is it anything like The Neutral Riddle (came out a few years ago)?
Oh dear. I am so not starting another one of these lol... And yet, I know I will. *sigh* *click*
wait is this like
it sorta seems like it.
alas, i'm just gonna get myself to stay up until i can finish it....
which will probably not happen...
I am addicted to nuetralriddle now xD But Who knows he answer to level six? It makes me want to go on a baby punching tangit. (lol jkays ofcourse)
Lol dane cook
Oh my goodness...this is awesome!
My friend and I went at it one night and got to level 25. It's R.U.F.F.T.U.F.F.S.T.U.F.F.
how far did you guys get... cuz i got to 50 and have almost given up.
How do you get past level 2? lol.


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