Because I can't find anywhere else this is being discussed, other than Hank's Facebook status, and I think we should stop spamming the poor guy :P

I'm stuck on the zed poem and have no ideas. Someone said something about ISBN, but I don't know where they got that.

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I got the answer just googling "thorne bay"

And seriously, it is not complicated. Think like Not Tom thinks, it is the most obvious thing you could possibley imagine from what you find on google.
Do we have to relate it to the letters...?
I honestly had no idea what the letters meant and was still able to get the answer.
need some help with the porcupine one.
you and me both.
check out the third hint on the source and check out this thread...
is rule 1 to not tell anyone the answers?
okay, i knew the book before. but now i'm trying to figure out who m.w. young is.
i keep getting law firms and stuff when i search it.
omg the porcupine is back?!
I really need to solve these clues and catch up with you people!
Thanks everybody, I've finally gotten past the videos. :)
ah, figured it out? good!
Any headway on the porcupine? searched both names, but got nothing seemingly relevant.


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