Rather than go into a long winded rant about how the ningmasters make me want to find a dolphin and punch it in the mouth, I think for now I'll simply ask a question and see how you all respond. 

So, do you think that as a community is capable of regulating itself and our only need for moderators is to remove spammers, or do you feel that we need a group of babysitters to hold our hands and make sure we all play nice with the other kids?

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Once again, go fuck yourself.
Welcome to the ning. Now go fuck yourself.
Didn't click, sure it was hilarious.
It actually is pretty funny.  It's off of Billy Madison.  I didnt' think your comment = the clip, but it was funny none-the-less.

I don't think most of us need them. You'll always have the occasional idiot/jerk who will need to be told what to do etc, but for the most part I think almost everyone here would be capable of treating each other with respect.


What's ridiculous is the close-to worshipping they get (sorry if that's not entirely correct spelling). It's ridiculous. They're not needed, except to remove spammers. And don't say they're appointed by John, Hank, or Tom, because while that may be true, it doesn't mean that they're needed. John and hank aren't always right, and neither are the ningmasters. Their very existence is just a position of slightly more powers, in my opinion anyway.

As for're out of your mind. We don't need to descend into a chasm of attention-seeking, campaigning and overall a popularity contest. Besides, every knows that the present ningmasters and other well know people would just get constantly elected. No, if we have to keep the ningmasters, the present situation is fine.

As for my own experience, I haven't seen much of them so can't say much more than I've already said. As moderators to remove spam and the occasional troublesome fool, they're fine. Anything more, and they become unnecessary

I Think that they just need to remove spammers, we are mature people that don't need someone to look after us all the time


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