Rather than go into a long winded rant about how the ningmasters make me want to find a dolphin and punch it in the mouth, I think for now I'll simply ask a question and see how you all respond. 

So, do you think that as a community is capable of regulating itself and our only need for moderators is to remove spammers, or do you feel that we need a group of babysitters to hold our hands and make sure we all play nice with the other kids?

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No, I don't think it can be self regulating. There is a definite need for moderators.
If that title was a facebook status, I would totally like that.
I hate you so much that I'm considering deleting this discussion just to kill this post.
I haven't seen any moderators abusing their powers on this site yet, but seeing as I can interpret this as you asking me "Should nerdfighteria be an anarchist state?" I will have to respond with hell yes! Down with the hierarchy! If I believe anarchism could function smoothly in the real world then it should be able to function on here as well. Well assuming we have some way to remove the spammers ourselves.
No, but I've been on the forum for all of five minutes and have developed the opinion that your kind of a jerk. No offense or anything.
no no you pretty much hit the nail on the head. He likes to find out what everyone supports, and then go against it. that pretty much all he does on the forums.
Tomo, just because you don't like someone's opinions doesn't mean they're made up.
haha you have to admit the way you post it sure looks like thats the case. You mainly talk on highly controversial issues, or you go out and insult people. I don't see you talk in social posts unless its all flamboyant anger lol. But I was just kidding. I know you really do post what you believe, its just the way you go about doing it is rather questionable in my opinion.
that basically sums it up.
Your argument is very compelling! Before you said it I disagreed, but now after this, I'm going to have to go with the babysitter option.
Once again, go fuck yourself.
Welcome to the ning. Now go fuck yourself.


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