Have you ever seen an instance where a nerdfigher becomes the aggressor in a situation? Does that, in turn, revoke the nerdfightism? Thoughts down below...

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indeed.  maybe it's the Christian in me...but the point seems to be to try to be more awesome and include others so we can encourage them to improve too, not to exclude people just because they aren't perfect (what would a perfectly awesome person even be like?)

we say, 'Don't Forget To Be Awesome.'  i've never seen, or heard, 'or else.' 

so i was backtracking a little... following the silly, John says something that i think sums up his feelings on this point.

b2.0 mid-march

well i have to wonder, what define "awesome". for some people, awesome may be protesting funerals of the dead (i.e. West Borough Baptist Church). on the other hand, this is the EXACT opposite of awesome (i.e. everyone else in the world). Which leads me to ask, 1) what defines awesome and 2) if it's the definition is within the perspective of the person, is there such thing as world suck? I know it seems like it's an obvious question, but is there is no defined set of "awesome" rules, then it can be molded to can anything you do awesome, thus meaning there is no world suck to be had. So my challenge to you: make a set of "awesome" guidelines that either everyone agrees on, or enough people agree to have a defined awesome/suck line.

Oooh, criteria for "awesome!" I like it!

I'll take a crack at defining "awesome" in the Nerdfighter sense (how I see it, anyway).

1) Awesome = anything that reduces ignorance.  Nerds are brainy beings, they should want to spread that around.

2) Awesome = happiness/peacefulness.  We don't want to go around invading other countries, or picking fights for no reason.

3) Awesome = standing up for what is right.  This is the only time that definition 2 might need to be overlooked.  Fighting is bad, but fighting a mugger to protect an old lady is awesome. 

4) Awesome = individual rights.  A "whatever floats your boat" mentality should be our default position, except in cases where someone's preference would impinge on other people's liberties.  i.e. You can live how you want, but you can't kill people, since that keeps them from living how THEY want.

5) Awesome = fun.  Anything that is fun and makes people smile helps increase the awesome in the world.

Ok, there's my basic awesome outline.  Feel free to make changes or additions.


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